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CloClose Sun 22-Sep-19 07:04:05

Almost 34 weeks with a baby girl and going round in circles with names. DH is not very good at making suggestions but very good at saying no. We have also tried to involve our DS who is almost 8 but it seems getting 3 people to agree is even harder than 2!

Please can I have opinions on the below and any suggestions for similar sounding ones that we may not have thought of?

Seren Isobel (Ren for nn) - top contender for a while but have been having a wobble the last few days.
Remi Isobel (Remi Belle) - worried about it being viewed as a boys name but at the same time still really like it.
Emmie - love it but DH doesn’t.
Etta - same as above. DH says no way!

Also quite like:
Leni (stolen from another thread)

As you can see we seem to like short and also the ‘emi/eni’ sounds... help me please! grin

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MayaWhySoDown Mon 23-Sep-19 09:43:18

Wren is fantastic. I also like Serena, but think she'd end up with Ree-nee rather than Renn-ee.

IckleBear Mon 23-Sep-19 11:20:08

I'd choose Seren Isobel.


MissHenty Mon 23-Sep-19 11:42:35

I like Emmy/Emmie best

spiderlight Mon 23-Sep-19 11:49:06

Seren is lovely - my favourite by far. Erin's nice too.

Untamedtoad Mon 23-Sep-19 12:27:03

Lotta, Juni, Juno, Imogen (Immie) Bernadette (Etta/Bernie)

CloClose Mon 23-Sep-19 21:52:30

I’m not keen on Serena, would definitely be Seren.

I do like Imogen/Immy/Ginny BUT I associate the name with someone from school and it’s not a great association so I think it might rule it out. It’s one to think about though.

Lotta is sweet but I think too much the same vibe as Etta for DH!

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AlliKaneErikson Thu 26-Sep-19 04:51:03

DD has a friend called Lerin (quite similar to your choices); I’ve also seen it spelt Lerryn.

Mayawhysodown Thu 26-Sep-19 14:10:19


villamariavintrapp Thu 26-Sep-19 20:38:07

Seren. But I prefer Lauren actually. Always loved that name

s3tut0y3r Thu 26-Sep-19 21:17:28

Not Etta. ETA is in reality a separatist terrorist organisation. Google it.....

s3tut0y3r Thu 26-Sep-19 21:19:19


littlecabbage Thu 26-Sep-19 21:25:41

Seren is lovely.

CloClose Fri 18-Oct-19 16:35:58

I’m back grin 37 weeks now and still not quite there with the name.

Of the names on this thread we are still going with Seren Isobel as a main contender. But have also added Elle into the mix which we both love. The trouble is we only have a one syllable surname too and I’m just not sure whether it’s enough. I’ve gone through all the possibilities of names that can be shortened to Elle and can’t find any I like!

What do people think of Elle? And do you have any middle name suggestions (ones that contain maybe 3 syllables) to break the short first and last names up?

I quite like Elle Averi but I don’t know whether I just have pregnancy brain clouding things now hmm

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MissHenty Fri 18-Oct-19 16:39:32

Elle is a gorgeous name. I used to wish at school that it was my name 🤣

I think 1 syllable first and last name is fine

Elle Margaret
Elle Delilah
Elle Victoria
Elle Ottilie
Elle Roxanne
Elle Clementine

MissHenty Fri 18-Oct-19 16:40:46

Ps. I like Isobel but really hate Seren sorry. It’s too harsh sounding for my taste and I know it’s meaning but it still sounds like an unfinished version of Serena to me

Elle Susannah

Chattercino Fri 18-Oct-19 16:40:59

Seren Isobel gets my vote

Sparklypurpleunicornsaremyfav Fri 18-Oct-19 19:50:21

Love seren isobel.
Personally I prefer Ella to elle, that's what we wanted to call our daughter but our son is Sam so it was obviously a big no no so we went with Isabel.
Elle georgina
Elle amelia
Elle could be short for gabrielle

Sparklypurpleunicornsaremyfav Fri 18-Oct-19 19:51:42

Elle seren works too

LarkDescending Fri 18-Oct-19 20:28:47

Isabelle Seren, nn Elle?

CloClose Sat 19-Oct-19 16:36:51

Thank everyone.

What do you all think of Elle Everly? Can we use EE?

Or Elle Alexandra?

For me, I would shorten Seren to Ren I think, but DH says he wouldn’t... so that could get a bit confusing. And DS not keen on it full stop! hmm

I worry that we are getting further away rather than closer to THE name!

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CloClose Sat 19-Oct-19 16:37:18


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Shadow1234 Sun 20-Oct-19 01:52:44

Seren Isobel the best bŷ far, with Erin being my second favourite

MrsBertBibby Sun 20-Oct-19 07:04:30

Dislike Elle a lot, and it's pants with a short surname. Elle Everly is really bad.

Stick to Seren Isobel. Very nice.

daisypond Sun 20-Oct-19 08:11:54

Elle is best but I’m not very keen. Erin is good if you have Irish links. The others are too twee and nicknamey. Seren is naff and will date badly.

EmpressLesbianInChair Sun 20-Oct-19 08:16:53

I’m glad you’ve dropped Emmie, it’s a bit twee & childish. I like Seren.

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