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What do you think of my name list?

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Conniedescending Wed 11-Sep-19 12:54:41

Don't know if boy or girl - any comments/ suggestions? Are they boring? Thanks

Wilfred (wilf)

Gabrielle/ Gabriella

fitzbilly Wed 11-Sep-19 12:58:17

I think they are a bit boring, yes, especially the boys names.

Juliette and violet are nice and a bit less boring.

elliex1 Wed 11-Sep-19 13:26:26

What @fitzbilly said.

Juliet (spelt like this) is nice when it’s said with a soft et sound imo. And Violet is lovely, one of my fave names.
Quite like Gabriella.
I think the best of your boys names is Edward. Grows well and can be Ed, Teddy, Woody etc when younger.

Mayannay Wed 11-Sep-19 13:47:16

Yes, especially the boys names are boring. I know so many of them already.

I do like Juliette and Gabriela!

Grufallosfriends Wed 11-Sep-19 13:49:25

Violet and Juliet are nice.

The rest are a bit bland, especially the boys names.

user1493494961 Wed 11-Sep-19 13:54:20

No, they're not boring. I like Joseph and Edward and all of your girl's names.

whitesockss Wed 11-Sep-19 13:56:30

I like all of them except Gabrielle/Gabriella

My favourites are Wilfred and Alice

Also prefer Juliet spelling. Violet is becoming very popular if that bothers you

TequilaMockingbird0 Wed 11-Sep-19 13:57:01

Agree that they're mostly pretty boring.

Juliet and violet would be my favourites. The boys names are all dull in my opinion.

BarrenFieldofFucks Wed 11-Sep-19 14:02:04

Oscar. Nope
Arthur. Yes
Joseph. Ok but common
Wilfred (wilf) Yes
Edward. Yes

Alice. Yes
Sophia. Yes
Gabrielle/ Gabriella. No
Juliette. No
Violet. Yes
Charlotte. Nice but v common

I wouldn't say they're boring, just good solid names.

CassianAndor Wed 11-Sep-19 14:07:19

I like Wilf and Juliet (not Juliette).

Nice names.

AverageMummy Wed 11-Sep-19 14:16:43

Oscar - like
Arthur - love
Joseph - like
Wilfred (wilf) - like
Edward - love

Alice - nice: timeless
Sophia - love (as long as you don’t mind the 2 pronunciations)
Gabrielle/ Gabriella - ok
Juliette - prefer Juliet, really lovely name
Violet - ok
Charlotte - nice

What a fab list - don’t think I’ve ever liked someone’s whole list !

Sunshineys Wed 11-Sep-19 14:30:59

Agree that most of them, especially the boys names, are a little boring.

But some people, as seen on this thread, like such names and they may not mind if their child has to add their surname initial to their name (as they share their name with others throughout life).

If I had to choose then I'd go for Wilfred and Juliette.

MissHenty Wed 11-Sep-19 14:44:03


These are a great lists. So many classics that won’t date

I’d pick Wilf or Alice

eccentricalice Wed 11-Sep-19 14:50:53

I like Oscar and Wilfred but not the other boys names

All the girls names are very dull/overused apart from Gabriella. Alice and Charlotte are particular boring

TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 11-Sep-19 14:56:10

Lovely classic names OP. So many trendy names end up really dating, becoming overused and hurtling downmarket. The much maligned Sharon and Tracey were briefly the cool, hipster middle class names of their day before everyone jumped on them.

Astronica Wed 11-Sep-19 14:56:40

I don't find any of them boring.

My favourites are Oscar, Edward and Wilfred/Wilf. And Alice, Juliet (only like this spelling though) and Violet.

20viona Wed 11-Sep-19 14:59:51

Violet and Oscar are the best. Don't like any others.

fishonabicycle Wed 11-Sep-19 15:01:25

Nice enough but everyone around here calls their kids one of those names!

Smellybluecheese Wed 11-Sep-19 15:02:03

I know a lot of small Wilfreds and Oscars and Arthurs. I don't know if popularity bothers you or not but if it does I'd go for one of the others. I also know several small Sophias so likewise for girls. They are all nice names.

Morado Wed 11-Sep-19 15:10:25

I think they're all pretty boring.

Sunshineys Wed 11-Sep-19 15:40:59

Yes, all pretty bland and boring. I know so many kids called Oscar, Arthur,Sophia etc.

Gabriella is more interesting and very pretty.

WWlOOlWW Wed 11-Sep-19 16:14:09

For a boy I'd go with Edward.. I love it and so many potential NN if you or he so wish (I love Eddie).

TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 11-Sep-19 16:16:20

The Gabriella I know is known as Gabby, which is not so pretty.

MikeUniformMike Wed 11-Sep-19 16:19:25

Oscar - don't like
Arthur - ok
Joseph - like
Wilfred (wilf) - no
Edward - like

Alice - love
Sophia - overused, prefer Sophie
Gabrielle/ Gabriella - Gabrielle is dated. So many Ella names around
Juliette. No. Juliet is better
Violet - ok
Charlotte - nice

Orangeleavez Wed 11-Sep-19 16:21:24

Well everyone has different tastes and if you ask for an opinion not everyone will agree or like your choices.

Joseph and Charlotte are nice.
I don't really like any of them. I find them boring but I know I'll be absolutely lynched for saying this.

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