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Witchofzog Tue 10-Sep-19 21:00:39

I have just seen a link on that other site regarding unpopular baby names including Ronald. But I love it! Ronnie for short. I am not pregnant nor likely to be, but would you name your baby boy Ronald?

DramaAlpaca Tue 10-Sep-19 21:01:50

Absolutely not. I think it's a horrible name.

sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:01:56

no, it reminds me too much of Ronald Mcdonald or Ron Weasly from harry potter

31RueCambon75001 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:02:52


Although I kind of like it. It is almost a really good name.

I prefer Donald.

Propertyofhood Tue 10-Sep-19 21:04:52


My first thought is Mcdonald. Second thought is its just horrible.

If you want to call your child Ronnie (and it's a bit 'Krays' tbh, I don't like it, same for Reggie funnily enough!) then you have to just call him Ronnie.

31RueCambon75001 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:05:24

If you're Irish or Scottish, what about Raghnall which is just less happy meal.

Propertyofhood Tue 10-Sep-19 21:06:04

Donald? As in Trump?

Raoul? As in Moat?

Witchofzog Tue 10-Sep-19 21:06:15

Just me then grin

Tolleshunt Tue 10-Sep-19 21:06:59

I like it, but i’m biased because I had a lovely uncle called Ronald.

natt256 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:07:24

I've a 4yr old Ronnie, my grandad was Ronald, which I didnt like but we love Ronnie. There is also another Ronnie at school but hes actually Ronald. I love his name and get a fair few compliments.

31RueCambon75001 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:07:58

What about Donnie?

I think that sounds less ridiculous somehow.

Lemoneeza Tue 10-Sep-19 21:11:02

there are loads of Ronnies. and Reggies.
people don't seem keen on the full versions these days.

Lemoneeza Tue 10-Sep-19 21:11:52

read about the decline of Nigels the other day - I actually really like that!

Witchofzog Tue 10-Sep-19 21:11:56

Donnie reminds me of New Kids on The Block. I don't like Donald or Raol. But I still like Ronald smile

31RueCambon75001 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:19:31

Raoul as in Moat? confused Dr Seuss?

I know Donald is Trump but there are enough others out there.

Update, I just googled Moat. Blimey.

kazza446 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:20:50

My dog is called Ronald 😁

PaquitaVariation Tue 10-Sep-19 21:22:19

There’s a Ronnie in my son’s class. It’s better than Ronald.

ThursdayLastWeek Tue 10-Sep-19 21:23:03

I know a toddler Ronnie, who is such on his certificate.
I guess his parents weren’t keen on the full name.

NameChange30 Tue 10-Sep-19 21:23:37

I have a cat called Ronald (Ron) grin

CountFosco Tue 10-Sep-19 21:33:10

There's a St Rognvald, he was a great poet.

elliex1 Tue 10-Sep-19 22:08:12

Ronnie is my cat’s name!
Like Ronnie... hate Ronald.

IVflytrap Tue 10-Sep-19 22:28:57

I know a Scottish toddler called Ranald. It really suits him.

Ronnie is cute, too.

ukel Wed 11-Sep-19 18:39:54

I do quite like it, but in all honesty it DOES remind me of Ronald Weasley. I s'pose once I was reminded, it reminded me of Ronald McDonald... I love the nn Ronnie though!

Sunflower160 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:27:01

All I can hear is ‘RONALD WEASLEY!’ in Mrs Weasley’s voice when she sends the howler.

Bobbindobbin Wed 11-Sep-19 20:29:26

I love it ❤️

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