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Ava or Ada?

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Ponderingpercy Tue 10-Sep-19 16:56:40

Hi all, I'm looking for a girls name. I don't have much criteria only not too unusual and I'd like it to be pretty/feminine. I love the name Ava but worry about it being so common. Could I get people's opinions on Ada? Thanks in advance 😊

Tenness Tue 10-Sep-19 16:59:50

I love it. Beautiful name.

xJune88 Tue 10-Sep-19 17:01:20

I wanted to name dd Ada but DH didnt like. I think its gorgeous, Ava is too common x

AverageMummy Tue 10-Sep-19 17:04:10

Love Ada - my husband wouldn’t go for it.

DoctorAllcome Tue 10-Sep-19 17:06:17

Ada is a great name. One of the great female scientists & a top british mathematician was Ada King, Countess of Lovelace. Her first name was actually Augusta but she went by Ada. She worked with Charles Babbage on the first ever computer made.

It is a beautiful name.

NoSauce Tue 10-Sep-19 17:38:20

I think Ada is absolutely awful. Harsh sounding and dowdy. I don’t see the appeal at all with it.

bridgetreilly Tue 10-Sep-19 18:07:39

Lovely and the connection with Ada Lovelace is a good one, too.

SoftBlocks Tue 10-Sep-19 18:09:17

Sorry, don’t like Ada even with the Ada Lovelace thing.

user1493494961 Tue 10-Sep-19 19:07:56

Sorry, I also dislike Ada.

Ponderingpercy Tue 10-Sep-19 19:09:58

Aaah a total mix of opinions 😂 I love it but my husband doesn't really like it. Thanks for all the feedback!

MikeUniformMike Tue 10-Sep-19 19:10:27

Ava is overused and I'm not keen on it at all.
Ada is a progamming language.
There are thousands of other names you could choose from.

ongranaryplease Tue 10-Sep-19 19:12:32

Ada is beautiful smile

elliex1 Tue 10-Sep-19 19:20:28

Love love love Ada xx

FairfaxAikman Tue 10-Sep-19 19:21:38

I love Ada, was too of my list for a girl but DH vetoed.

Chitarra Tue 10-Sep-19 19:23:18

I prefer Ada to Ava. Or how about Ida?

MooominMamma Tue 10-Sep-19 19:24:52

Love it.

EssentialHummus Tue 10-Sep-19 19:25:16

There are two in my social circle, and I hear others at playschool etc, so increasingly popular I think. But I like it.

AdaColeman Tue 10-Sep-19 19:30:34

Ada is a fabulous name!

Ava was extremely popular three or four years ago.

DramaAlpaca Tue 10-Sep-19 21:07:36

Ava is nice, Ada isn't.

dementedpixie Tue 10-Sep-19 21:12:15

Ada is an old lady name. I prefer Ava. I dont know anyone with either name

Kokeshi123 Wed 11-Sep-19 00:06:54

They are both perfectly pleasant names, but picking Ada over Ava because you don't want a really popular name might backfire, because a) a lot of other people will also want "a slight variation on Ava because I like Ava but it is too popular" and b) it's a name featured in a popular TV show at the moment. So you might find a lot of Adas when your daughter goes to nursery. And really popular names are fine, but not if you don't want a really popular name!

Astronica Wed 11-Sep-19 01:11:02

I much prefer Ada.

gilliansgardenbench Wed 11-Sep-19 01:24:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ponderingpercy Wed 11-Sep-19 06:55:13

There are some good points here, thanks. I'm finding it really difficult to even consider any other names 🙈

8by8 Wed 11-Sep-19 07:25:43


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