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How would you pronounce this name?

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Soubriquet Wed 04-Sep-19 09:56:45

A character in a book I love to read. Some of them are straight forward but the one I really can’t work out is


Would you say Cass-see-an or Cash-an?

MrsPellegrinoPetrichor Wed 04-Sep-19 09:58:08

Cass ee an

Disfordarkchocolate Wed 04-Sep-19 09:58:25

Cass e an

ButterfliesandMoths Wed 04-Sep-19 09:58:40

Cass ee an

Soubriquet Wed 04-Sep-19 10:00:26

Ah good. Just how I was doing it.

I just kept looking at the Sian part and remembering that, that can be pronounced as Sharn, a girls name.

AverageMummy Wed 04-Sep-19 10:03:04

Cass ee ern

BeagleMomma Wed 04-Sep-19 10:14:28

Cases-ee-un - but I'm up North.

It wouldn't be an "Ann" at the end

MiraLuna Wed 04-Sep-19 10:36:26

Cass ee en. And this isn't Sarah J Maas by any chance is it? 🤗

Soubriquet Wed 04-Sep-19 10:53:50

Yep it is gringrin

One of my favourite series.
Well that one and throne of glass.

I can’t wait for book number 4 to be released. (Court of stars and dreams??) was a novella

violetteskies Wed 04-Sep-19 12:34:06

Court of frost and starlight - excellent series, excellent character

helpmeiamatoad Wed 04-Sep-19 12:34:50

Ooo I love that series!

Raphael34 Wed 04-Sep-19 12:36:00

Cass ee an

BogglesGoggles Wed 04-Sep-19 12:36:28


IsobelRae23 Thu 05-Sep-19 11:31:57

Sian is pronounced as it is, because that’s how it is pronounced- it’s Welsh. Not because it Sian can be pronounced that way .

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