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What do you think of these girls names for baby #3?

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coconuttymummy Mon 02-Sep-19 14:53:11


- Bella-Rae (not decided on 2nd names for girl yet)
- Miley-Rae
- Mila-Rae


- Neo Cian Phoenix

My eldest son (18 yrs old), from a different relationship, is Jordan Joseph. I had slightly different name taste way back then, as its not as uncommon as id go for nowadays.

My 2nd child (8yrs old) is Brody Rocco Shae.

I prefer modern, uncommon names, with a bit of attitude!

Any other suggestions gratefully received!

coconuttymummy Mon 02-Sep-19 14:54:06

I loved the name Theo, but its waaaaaay too popular. Hence Neo. xx

NameChange84 Mon 02-Sep-19 14:59:18

I like Mila-Rae best.

Neo is very matrix! But it’s fine and goes well with Brody. Cian reminds me of Lidl’s Cien range of budget toiletries but that’s probably just me lol.

Can I suggest the girls name Nova-Rae? It’s got the same meaning as Neo and is quite kick as and modern too.

eccentricalice Mon 02-Sep-19 15:13:05

I like Mila best. Miley Rae is Miley Cyrus name! And Bella is v popular nowsmile

violetteskies Mon 02-Sep-19 15:15:36

How about Leo instead of Theo?

Mila is my favourite of your girl names

GeoffreyAndBungle Mon 02-Sep-19 15:33:47

I like mila and neo and they sound nice with their brother's names.

I really don't like hyphenated names so would just have mila as the first name and Rae as the second name.

coconuttymummy Mon 02-Sep-19 15:54:16

@NameChange84 Oooh, i do quite like Nova. Hadn't considered it, but it's going on the list! Just wondering about possible nicknames for Nova? Any ideas? Thank you. xx

@eccentricalice Gosh - Bella is definitely out then, if it's popular. xx

@violetteskies I don't know why, but im not very keen on Leo. xx

@GeoffreyAndBungle I think Mila, Nova and Neo are my current faves. xx

coconuttymummy Mon 02-Sep-19 15:56:18

Another girl's name I quite like is Eden... but I think Edie would be the only possible nickname and im really not keen on the old-fashioned name craze.

MaggietheHorseThief Mon 02-Sep-19 16:00:08

Rae is really off putting to me. Every other little girl has it tacked onto the end of her name at the moment, which really makes them lack individuality imo. If you don't like Theo because it's too popular I'm surprised you're up for Rae when it's absolutely everywhere at the moment (and will therefore date really quickly).

Bella, Miley and Mia are all nice without being try-hard on their own.

I really hate Neo - it's very 'trendy' but I can't see it ageing well. I much prefer Cian. You might also consider Cillian.

user1493494961 Mon 02-Sep-19 16:11:58

I wouldn't say the names have 'attitude' more that they're pretty awful, particularly with Rae stuck on the end of the girls names. Mila on its own is OK, as is Eden.

joystir59 Mon 02-Sep-19 16:30:54

All awful

NameChange84 Mon 02-Sep-19 17:23:41

The Nova I know is nicknamed Novi but most people won’t shorten it.

The Eden I know is just plain Eden and her nicknames are more for character traits than a shortening of her name. It really suits her and is a lovely name.

NameChange84 Mon 02-Sep-19 17:24:11

Have you thought about Milo for a boy?

IckleBear Mon 02-Sep-19 17:32:23


Aquamarine1029 Mon 02-Sep-19 17:35:40

The girl's names are really horrible and Neo is just daft.

daisypond Mon 02-Sep-19 17:40:18

Your girl names are really awful. Why would you make them tackier by sticking hyphen Rae on the end? I could come round to Neo maybe but it makes me think of neonatal, etc, so gives the impression of a weak and small premature baby. How is Cian pronounced? The Irish way? That’s nice.

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Mon 02-Sep-19 17:40:41

Lots and lots of Miley/Millie/Mia about, so might be easily confused

Sophronia Mon 02-Sep-19 20:50:38

They’re all awful and tacky, especially Miley-Rae.

AverageMummy Tue 03-Sep-19 08:58:54

They’re awful - it might be unfair, no it is unfair, but giving your children names that sound like that will mean they’ll always be judged - in school, when they apply for jobs, university etc
I don’t agree with it, but it will happen.

AverageMummy Tue 03-Sep-19 09:01:20

I do think they are names that have ‘attitude’ if that’s what you’re going for. They sound like ‘will not listen to teachers, wont be bothering with a job’

Cherryblossomtrees Tue 03-Sep-19 09:05:10

Mila and Cian are nice. The rest are not very nice, I'm sorry.

Maybe Nico as an alternative to Neo?

Brody is lovely (prefer Brodie, but still) but I think your girls names in particular are a bit down-market.

NoSauce Tue 03-Sep-19 09:14:32

Bella is nice but prefer Isabella. The rest are terrible.

Morado Tue 03-Sep-19 09:26:57

Nova really doesn't need shortening. My daughter has a two syllable name and my family have chosen a nickname with two syllables. It winds me up a bit cause she has a really beautiful rare name and they've just started calling her a different name all together 🙄 for example.. Say her name was Mika, they now sometimes call her Missy!

Anyway if you want a nickname that's upto you 😂 nevermind me..

I love your other names! I'm not fond of the hyphenated - Rae though as I saw a million of those whilst looking through the ONS list the other day!

Frith2013 Tue 03-Sep-19 12:38:08

Can’t stand hyphenated names and Rae is a complete cop out as a middle name.

Frith2013 Tue 03-Sep-19 12:40:04

Nova-Rae sounds like something Darth Vader would power up on the Death Star to wipe out a planet.

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