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Walkinginthewoods Fri 30-Aug-19 14:43:02

What are your thoughts on this girls name? With the diminutive Maddy.

NoSauce Fri 30-Aug-19 15:17:14

Sorry it’s a no from me.
I love Madeleine however. Not keen on Maddy.

vikktorya Fri 30-Aug-19 15:20:01

I like it... doubt many on mn will though

Hellokitty134 Fri 30-Aug-19 15:49:47

I don't like Maddie as it reminds me of someone mad!

BrittleJoys Fri 30-Aug-19 15:51:25

No, it sounds like a 'sassy' bit-character in a US afternoon soap.

Shadow1234 Fri 30-Aug-19 16:34:46

I love it

Frith2013 Fri 30-Aug-19 16:59:55

No. Specially if your surname is Gardens.

Frith2013 Fri 30-Aug-19 17:01:13

Or Ashley.

FamilyOfAliens Fri 30-Aug-19 17:01:20

No. Especially not with two D’s.

SweetAsSpice Fri 30-Aug-19 17:03:38

No. Looks wrong written down. Madison, why the extra d?

LeekMunchingSheepShagger Fri 30-Aug-19 17:05:43

It's a very American sounding name but does seem to be quite popular here. I know of a few.

I don't like it but it shouldn't matter what other people think.

MrsSiriusBlack1 Fri 30-Aug-19 17:06:10

I like it, people can be a bit mean on these threads unless you like names like Doris and Margo grin

JingsMahBucket Fri 30-Aug-19 17:07:19

Drop the extra “D” and it’s a great name.

ilovemykids5 Fri 30-Aug-19 17:08:49

@MrsSiriusBlack1 😂😂😂

Butterfly84 Fri 30-Aug-19 17:21:51

Awful. The name of a bratty child (sorry).

Morado Fri 30-Aug-19 17:45:55

I don't mind it but I've just finished Orange is the new black and it reminds me of the character 'Baddison'.

user1493494961 Fri 30-Aug-19 18:05:09

Madeleine shortened to Maddie is quite classy. Unfortunately, Madison isn't.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Fri 30-Aug-19 18:07:09


Peachbubble Fri 30-Aug-19 18:09:35

Seemed to be very popular about 10 years ago. I don't like it personally.

FizzBuzzBangWoof Fri 30-Aug-19 18:09:58

I'm much prefer Madeline/Madeleine

Its not awful or anything but not the style of name which I like and I'm not keen on your spelling either (better with 1 d IMHO)

PancakeAndKeith Fri 30-Aug-19 18:10:53

It’s a bit 90s.

percheron67 Fri 30-Aug-19 18:11:20

Dreadful American name. Bad luck if your surname is Square.

Mumshappy Fri 30-Aug-19 18:12:28

Don't like it. Madeline is lovely nn maddie.

Shantotto Fri 30-Aug-19 18:12:43

Madison is ok but whyyyyyyy two D’s?!!

BarkandCheese Fri 30-Aug-19 18:15:46

I don’t like it, it seems really odd to me to give a girl a name ending in son.

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