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Name you loved but it was just too quirky?

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Greengreen88 Sat 17-Aug-19 21:14:59

Is there a name you didn’t use because it was just too quirky or “out there” but still love?

I loved Starr, Juniper and Skye, DH vetoed! (Don’t even think those are that quirky, tbh.)

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MidnightMystery Tue 22-Oct-19 21:56:53


Bouledeneige Tue 22-Oct-19 21:49:18

I have a very plain name so both my kids have unusual names. They have hardly ever met anyone else with their name - in fact neither have.

saywhatwhatnow Tue 22-Oct-19 14:09:34

Valentine for DS. Not a chance DH would've agreed!

PixieDustt Mon 21-Oct-19 10:43:43

I used a 'quirky' name for DS, no regrets here either 😬

MerryDeath Mon 21-Oct-19 10:18:31

my DS has a very unusual name - if i ever meet another, living, i'll be furious! - and although when he was born there were a couple of side eyes it's really become him and it was normal before we knew it. so don't let the haters put you off!

ElenaTan Mon 21-Oct-19 10:14:18


LahLahsBigBand Mon 21-Oct-19 10:12:14


xanderllama Mon 21-Oct-19 10:08:51

I secretly love Wolfie, not Wolf or Wolfgang but Wolfie. I also had a little thing for Tiger as well. DH and I are currently shortlisting names (I’m 35 weeks grin), but we have ruled out animal names for now as we realised there are so many more usable names we love just as much!

Thisishowwesurvive Mon 21-Oct-19 10:05:36

I used a quirky name for dd, no regrets at all

Danglingmod Mon 21-Oct-19 09:11:59

I know an adult Florian. He is very much a Florian.

mintcorneto Mon 21-Oct-19 01:32:07


Sashkin Mon 21-Oct-19 01:01:04

Florian. Such a beautiful romantic name, but I just imagined teachers yelling it across the playground, people pronouncing it to rhyme with “Dorian” off Birds of a Feather, and decided we couldn’t.

So we went with Alexander/Sasha instead, and now everyone thinks he’s a girl.

AnotherQuirkyUsername Mon 21-Oct-19 00:53:31



Bouledeneige Mon 21-Oct-19 00:30:15

I've got a Hamish. He has never liked it but most adults do.

For me it was:
Bobby (for a girl)
Gilbert or Gill

Slappadabass Sun 20-Oct-19 23:45:56

Gypsy, absolutely love it, but I just couldn't do it.

Buttybach Sun 20-Oct-19 23:32:23

And Ptolemy for a boy

Buttybach Sun 20-Oct-19 23:32:11


QM1224 Sun 20-Oct-19 23:30:52

And also Yannis for boy

QM1224 Sun 20-Oct-19 23:28:05

Boy names


Heatingson Sun 20-Oct-19 22:45:41

My eldest daughters middle name is Blythe Apollo. We very nearly stole it from her to use as our youngests first name as I loved it so much. It wouldn’t have suited her at all though as she is anything but blithe.

Gillyhicks Sun 20-Oct-19 10:32:32

My name is on here! My advice would be to go for it, I have never wanted a more normal name, it’s nice to be memorable!

YobaOljazUwaque Sun 20-Oct-19 06:15:03


Apolloanddaphne Sun 20-Oct-19 01:36:35

I wanted to call DD1 Blythe but DH vetoed it. I still like it.

PointlessUsername Sun 20-Oct-19 00:54:00

Ryder DH was not keen.

Aozora13 Sun 20-Oct-19 00:48:53

We toyed with Rogue and Raven for DDs - although both their actual names have made this thread so didn’t play it too safe!

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