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Baby :) Which of these names do you like best

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Rosecherry Tue 13-Aug-19 02:57:31

Our first baby is due in a few months time. smile Don't know if be a boy or girl smile .
Please vote on our names list which names you ' LIKE' best.
These are names that my husband and I finally settled on liking together.

GIRLS NAMES LIST. (Rose be middle name)
Sylvia Rose.
Sylvia Rosa.
Lydia Rose.
Sianna Rose.
Starla Rose.
Debbie Rose.
Talia (Ta-lee-ah) Rose.


AllyBamma Tue 13-Aug-19 03:02:41

Toby or Noah for the boy
Talia for the girl.

Congratulations smile

marmiteandmarmalade Tue 13-Aug-19 03:43:05

Lydia or Talia

Toby or Reuben

PointlessUsername Tue 13-Aug-19 03:45:43


AutumnalLeaves38 Tue 13-Aug-19 05:02:01


Shalom23 Tue 13-Aug-19 05:14:24

Talia / Sylvia

Ritascornershop Tue 13-Aug-19 05:22:33

Reuben and Leon are my front runners for boys’ names, followed by Noah and Toby.

None of the girls names are ones I’m wild about.

SeaWitchly Tue 13-Aug-19 06:02:39

Lydia Rose
Noah smile

Jemima232 Tue 13-Aug-19 06:08:20

Lydia Rose


Jemima232 Tue 13-Aug-19 06:08:45

And Starla isn't a name.

Jemima232 Tue 13-Aug-19 06:09:24

Neither is Jayden actually.

EmmaOvary Tue 13-Aug-19 06:17:28

Sorry, how are they not names? That's just rude, Jemima.

HUZZAH212 Tue 13-Aug-19 06:24:06

Well, Martin or Debbie would be the only two in their year group/school, unless a 45yr old joins their class. Toby and Noah are very popular, Rose is every other current girls filler middle name. Sylvia I could see as decent in the trend for older name revivals. Talia I think would be spelt as Tahlia. Reuben is okay.

HUZZAH212 Tue 13-Aug-19 06:26:27

I prefer Hayden to Jayden. Lydia is a common name around here. Sianna? Sienna? I prefer the second. Leon is alright.

msatlantis Tue 13-Aug-19 06:31:34


wizzler Tue 13-Aug-19 06:31:40

Lydia and Reuben.
Have you considered Sylvie?

helpmum2003 Tue 13-Aug-19 06:33:54

Reuben or Noah

Chitarra Tue 13-Aug-19 06:34:18

Lydia and Toby

TheWildAndTheCurious Tue 13-Aug-19 06:36:58

Starla and Jayden are just as much real names as Jemima! If someone is named it, it's a name! Rude much!

I love Starla OP. Also I'm very fond of Sylvia.
Reuben, Noah or Leon are my favorite boys names from your list.

KatnissK Tue 13-Aug-19 06:37:07

Lydia and Noah.

CatteStreet Tue 13-Aug-19 06:47:56

Sylvia Rosa is great. The others, not so. I like Lydia, but Rose is done to death, especially as a middle name.

I like Reuben and Martin. Noah and Leon are OK (I would probably like Leon more if I didn't live in a country where it's wildly popular). Not keen on Toby at all, and really dislike Jayden (which will also be very, very dating).

BeanBag7 Tue 13-Aug-19 06:55:36

Sylvia Rose is gorgeous. Add another poster said, what about Sylvie Rose? Sounds a bit more modern to me with the trend for -ie names

Noah and Toby both cute

KatherineJaneway Tue 13-Aug-19 07:03:10

Talia Rose and Reuben.

RuthW Tue 13-Aug-19 07:07:33

Sylvia Rose and Reuben.

Jellycat00 Tue 13-Aug-19 07:10:22

From your list, my favourites are
Sylvia Rose and Lydia Rose;
And Reuben, Toby and Martin.

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