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Page 5 | I hate my friend's choice of name. Do I tell her?

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mollpop Sun 30-Jun-19 21:54:06

Ok. I have a friend who has recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy. She's thinking of calling him Miller and asked me what I think. Do I tell her (in a tactful way)? FWIW I think it's a dreadful name.

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FartnissEverbeans Wed 03-Jul-19 15:59:20

If you thought the name would actually hurt the child you’d be right to say something - like if she’d called him Lucifer or Adolf or something.

Otherwise, just say it’s not your style but it suits him. Why on earth would you do anything else? Your opinion is not useful.

I like it fwiw.

FartnissEverbeans Wed 03-Jul-19 16:00:23

Also, using surnames as first names is a Scottish tradition that goes back a long way. I’ve known men called Wilson, Forbes etc. It tends to be the mum’s maiden name. Nobody gives a shit

Pinkmalinky Wed 03-Jul-19 17:19:41

My best friend wanted to call her DC Bruce confused. Awful name but I didn’t have the heart to tell her, luckily she had a girl!

Frazzled2207 Wed 03-Jul-19 17:26:08

She did ask, so I'd say "um I'm not keen personally to be honest but I don't think it's anything to do with me what you call your baby. He's gorgeous btw" etc

CloserIAm2Fine Wed 03-Jul-19 19:38:59

Of course you don’t say you hate the name. You would be insulting the name she’s chosen to call the most precious thing in her life. It’s not your taste ( or mine fwiw) but it’s not your child so your taste doesn’t matter.

Justus22 Wed 03-Jul-19 20:01:33

I really like it, I don't like some of my friends kids names but I have never said (but theyve never asked.) My friends have been brutally honest re my potential names list and my best friend hates one of my names but if I like it after she's born and it suits her, I'll not give a hoot. She prob won't go on trying to discourage me post birth though. X

zebedeeeeee Wed 03-Jul-19 22:47:58

Whether you hate the name or love it, just remember to be kind. She's just had a baby. It's a tough time.

Quintella Thu 04-Jul-19 10:45:48

The bloody arrogance of the OP wondering if she should inform her 'friend' of her sneery dislike of her newborn's name.

I kind of wish you would and that her response would be 'Miller and I think you're a tosser now please bugger off'.

Puppilongstrumpf Thu 04-Jul-19 10:51:21

Also, why should op's taste in names be 'better' than the op's?hmm

BertrandRussell Thu 04-Jul-19 10:51:29

To be fair- the friend did ask the OP what she thought. It depends on the friendship- with my friendships my response would be on a spectrum starting at “It’s perfect” and ending at “What are you THINKING!! “ passing through “Have you considered that the obvious appreciation is Milly?” on the way.

Puppilongstrumpf Thu 04-Jul-19 10:52:50

Sorry, that question was meant to read:

Why should the op's taste in names be any better than that of her friend?

Pizzaaddict Thu 04-Jul-19 10:57:00

I think it’s lovely. But anyway no don’t tell her because.. why would you?

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