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Possibly the coolest boy's name ever IYO

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mrsnoname Sat 25-May-19 18:10:14

Just the one please and something that would work for a grown up man too.

ZiggyZagZog Tue 28-May-19 22:46:56

LCosmic Clive

BabaJohns Tue 28-May-19 22:54:21

Ruthven (pronounced Riven)

hellooosweetheart Tue 28-May-19 22:55:18

Ki Tay Raar

Crushedvelvetcouch Tue 28-May-19 22:58:04


My sons' names. Although they go by Eden, Reubs and Raph. Lots of compliments if I do say so myself grin

golddustwomen Tue 28-May-19 23:00:22


mamaduckbone Tue 28-May-19 23:02:36

Nathaniel - Nat or Nate for short.
We wimped out of using it for DS1 and I wish we hadn't - it would really suit him.

Hammondisback Tue 28-May-19 23:02:53

Alexander, shortened to Xander.
Also love Xavier.
Sorry that’s two.

Crushedvelvetcouch Tue 28-May-19 23:07:12

I love Xavier. Got vetoed every time.

zenasfuck Tue 28-May-19 23:10:19

Shay or Gabriel, Gabe for short

newmobile Tue 28-May-19 23:17:12


sharpstick Tue 28-May-19 23:17:31


Strokethefurrywall Wed 29-May-19 00:55:23

Sullivan - I have one and I love it.

Also on our list is Maverick and Griffin.

Fedoratheexploreer Wed 29-May-19 00:59:22

We have a Jude and a Jonah and I think they’re really cool. Jude was going to be Judah but then we thought we couldn’t use Jonah in the future as they’re too matchy

izzyswhiskers Wed 29-May-19 01:26:29

@Landfilly I have an Ace! smile

ZiggyZagZog Wed 29-May-19 16:22:54

Ace is defo a cool name!
And Zane

Saltnpepperr Wed 29-May-19 16:23:57

Axel 💙

KindnessCrusader Wed 29-May-19 16:24:20


CloudPop Wed 29-May-19 16:38:06


Crushedvelvetcouch Wed 29-May-19 16:44:35

Valentine, Val for short.

Japonicaflower2 Wed 29-May-19 16:56:25

Ludovic / Ludo

Isthebigwomanhere Wed 29-May-19 17:00:42


sundowners Thu 30-May-19 10:04:29


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