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Alice v Tabitha

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fluffyblankets Tue 21-May-19 20:19:48

Hi swistle-
we have the two finalists for our baby girl (who, by the way, kind of desperately needs a name...!!)
Which do you prefer:

Tabitha (Tabby)

and why?
thank you!

Lenny1980 Tue 21-May-19 20:21:23

Tabitha (and Tabby) is a cat name. So Alice is the only human option and happens to be a beautiful name.

sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 21-May-19 20:21:53

Alice, because Tabitha reminds me of a cat (sorry OP!) blush

Peachbubble Tue 21-May-19 20:23:59

Tabitha 100%, my favourite name

flugelhorn81 Tue 21-May-19 20:24:27

Alice. Tabitha is quite nice but sounds a little bit try hard. Alice is classic.

Nicecupofcoco Tue 21-May-19 20:27:27

Alice 100%!

MeMeMeYou Tue 21-May-19 20:27:53

Alice - it’s classy and timeless. I do recall when I was a girl I thought I’d name my child Tabitha/tabby as I thought it was cool at the time but nit now I’m afraid

mrsm43s Tue 21-May-19 20:28:20

There will most likely be several Alices in the class, but only one Tabitha.

I prefer Tabitha, I find Alice quite bland. But it is a marmite name, and many don't like the cat association. What about Alicia (pr. A-liss-ee-a) as a prettier, more interesting take on Alice?

Isntthatalwaystheway Tue 21-May-19 20:30:11

Difficult as they're both lovely! Tabitha would be my first choice as I love the nicknames smile

mamalovebird Tue 21-May-19 20:30:18

My cat is called Tabitha.

Expressedways Tue 21-May-19 20:31:05

Both lovely but I particularly like Tabitha

Ces6 Tue 21-May-19 20:31:06

I like both. I had a cat called Alice.

ChimpyChops Tue 21-May-19 20:31:09

Alice. I love that name.

fluffyblankets Tue 21-May-19 20:31:30

I really love Tabitha but I don’t want people to think its a cat name. Alice is lovely but “safe”. So unsure

flumpybear Tue 21-May-19 20:31:46

Tabitha - Alice is nice but tabitha is different, in a nice way, and beautiful

Tabitha every time

sodabreadjam Tue 21-May-19 20:32:10

I love Alice.

Tabitha reminds me of the witch in Bewitched. The nickname Tabby is just awful.

hazandduck Tue 21-May-19 20:33:18

Love both names.

To mix up the cat comments let me just add I had a tortoiseshell named Alice growing up. Didn’t stop me using Alice as DD’s middle name.

Sorry I’m not much help, I love them both equally.

StargazyDrifter Tue 21-May-19 20:40:07

Tabitha! It has a beautiful meaning, it is charming, timeless yet fresh and who cares about the odd person linking it to Bewitched or cats in their minds - that's a generational thing and your little daughter will make the name her own.

daisypond Tue 21-May-19 20:40:21

Alice is lovely but safe. Tabitha is the sort of name I wouldn’t normally like- it’s a worthy servant name to me - but I do think it’s a lot more more interesting than Alice and it’s got a nice rhythm to it. I think I prefer Tabitha.

RaffertyFair Tue 21-May-19 20:45:24

Both perfectly lovely names.

If I were choosing today I would opt for Alice. I like the clear, crisp sound in comparison to the collection of sounds in Tabitha.

99bb Tue 21-May-19 21:09:01

Both lovely. I love Alice, always have, always will.

SaigonSaigon Tue 21-May-19 21:10:50

Both gorgeous names. Would probably favour Alice more

Proseccofuelled Tue 21-May-19 21:14:46


Proseccofuelled Tue 21-May-19 21:16:17

There aren’t likely to be several Alice’s in a class given at most there are 15 girls & Alice is nowhere near 1% of baby girls. It’s not the same as our generation when people picked from fewer names.

Tabithakatherine Tue 21-May-19 21:20:42

Tabitha smilebut then that's my name ha so I'm biased but I do love it and lots of people i meet saywhat a lovely name I have... plus can be shortened I get called tibby tabs tabby tibs all sorts lol!! To me it's a beautiful name and I wouldn't want to be anything else... x

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