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Anastasia, thoughts? too much?

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Destinationunknown1 Thu 16-May-19 10:28:59

I love the name but is it a bit over the top?

BelulahBlanca Thu 16-May-19 10:30:34

I’ve taught a couple. Both went by Stasi (Staz-ee)

OldAndWornOut Thu 16-May-19 10:32:51

I like it.
Its really pretty.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 16-May-19 10:34:28

I love it, and there's always options for nn of she feels its too much as she grows.
Annie, Anna etc if she really wants to plain it down

Destinationunknown1 Thu 16-May-19 10:36:47

Thank you for the feedback. I like stasi as a nn. Also there is the safe option of Anna that I'm not keen on but it would be up to my daughter to decide.

ThanksItHasPockets Thu 16-May-19 12:30:32

I like it a lot. Would you pronounce it STAY-see-a or STAH-see-a?

Tavannach Thu 16-May-19 12:32:09

Yes, it is a bit over the top.

bellinisurge Thu 16-May-19 12:35:09

In Russian, a short version of that name is Nastya. Not sure I'd want that.

bellinisurge Thu 16-May-19 12:36:46

"I like stasi as ann " Errr .... google "Stasi". A bit like saying "I like KGB" as a nn.

Arethereanyusernamesleft Thu 16-May-19 12:51:47

I used to work with someone called Anastasia and, since we had to wear name badges, people were always coming up to her and complimenting her on her name. I don't think it is over the top at all.

simplekindoflife Thu 16-May-19 13:15:09

It is a bit much but at the same time it is an undeniably beautiful name!

I'm not keen on Stasi but Ana as a nickname is lovely.

daisypond Thu 16-May-19 13:19:33

I like it and I know a few - but I know a few Russians. I know two English ones as well. Nastya is a common Russian diminutive but it doesn’t sound quite so good in English. How are you going to pronounce it though? The Russian way puts the stress on the SI on the penultimate syllable, I think. Nothing like the western variants, of which there are also a couple.

SallyWD Thu 16-May-19 14:04:15

It's pretty but for me it's a bit too much, yes.

AnotherRubberDuck Thu 16-May-19 14:09:37

Ha! I was just coming on to ask the same thing! I love it but DH not keen.
I would shorten to Tasie rather than Stasie.

bellinisurge Thu 16-May-19 14:15:24

Just to save you the bother of googling it, the Stasi were the East German secret police. They weren't very nice. This is not an obscure word.

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Thu 16-May-19 14:18:55

I know two (both Australian, but I think of Greek rather than Russian origin?). One known as Tassie, one as Ana. I really like it - I don't think it's too much, compared to some of the other names out there.

MissSmiley Thu 16-May-19 14:20:10

I love it
Have you considered Arabella? I know one who's sister is Holly

Ohyesiam Thu 16-May-19 14:23:35

Really pretty. Had a friend who shortened it toAsia, just to give another nn option

villainousbroodmare Thu 16-May-19 14:25:15

Have you got it goìng on? grin

I like it. The only one I know is in her 40s and goes by Anna.

KatnissK Thu 16-May-19 14:26:08

I love it but I'm never sure how it should be pronounced!

Destinationunknown1 Thu 16-May-19 14:32:46

Thanks for the feedback.
I hadn't thought of the link with the cold war/iron curtain when it comes to nn because I hadn't thought of stasi
I am pleased others like it. Its a big name but nn can be given.

Flamingosnbears Thu 16-May-19 14:37:26

Great name with alot of Nn to bring it down to earth.
In a class full of Isabellas and Arabella and Amelias no I wouldn't say it was any more over the top than those sorts really...

RubberTreePlant Thu 16-May-19 14:39:29

Beautiful name. Anya is a good diminutive.

DonDadaOnTheDownLow Thu 16-May-19 14:42:56

Only like it pronounced the Greek way. (anna-stass-seeya).

novasglowx Thu 16-May-19 14:49:16

I have an Anastasia smile
We shorten it to Anya.

PoorRichard Thu 16-May-19 14:54:37

I'm afraid that for me, the horror that is Fifty Shades of Grey has tipped Anastasia from 'Tragic Doomed Romanov' to 'Dimwit, Lip-Biting Heroine in the Red Room of Pain'. grin

Destinationunknown1 Thu 16-May-19 15:00:34

Love anya as a nn.

I never really got into 50 shades (who did) and don't think it would put me off as I don't believe too many people would associate with the movie? Could be wrong

MummyBear2352 Thu 16-May-19 15:03:13

I think it's a lovely name x

JasperTheFriendlyGhost Thu 16-May-19 15:04:38

Never know how to pronounce it, is it Ana-STAR-sia or Ana-STAZE-ia? I like it.

dreichuplands Thu 16-May-19 15:23:29

I think it is a lovely name but please don't give her the nickname stasi, they were vile.
Anya would be nice.

Proseccofuelled Thu 16-May-19 15:32:24

I’m not a fan of Anastasia but I don’t think Stasi is an issue I know 2 who pronounce it like Stacey nothing like Star-zee police

littlemeitslyn Thu 16-May-19 15:43:12

'Stacea ' wtf

simplekindoflife Thu 16-May-19 16:23:42

Would Anais work as a nn?

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Thu 16-May-19 16:49:26

I love it! Just mentioned it on another thread.

Destinationunknown1 Thu 16-May-19 17:18:35

Why are some posters getting obsessed with the stasi? I didn't mention it as a nickname confused
Pleased with the positive feedback and appreciate it might be a bit out there!

Chocolateisoverrated Thu 16-May-19 17:36:49

Love it! I only like it pronounced Anna-stay-Zha rather than Anna-stay-Zee-ya

MikeUniformMike Thu 16-May-19 18:03:52

It's too much. Pretty but Shades of Grey put me off it. Stasi as a nn is terrible.

Jaz32 Thu 16-May-19 20:14:54

I actually like it, go for it.

AtSea1979 Thu 16-May-19 20:18:56

I like it. It was on my shortlist. I often regret not using it but then 50 shades came out and I was glad then that I didn’t. But it’s died now so I doubt anyone would make that connection

Thertruthisoutwhere Thu 16-May-19 22:29:06

Love it and it's on my list. I'd use stacey as a nickname (a name i also love) as Anna is a bit boring. Anya is good and a more authentic abbreviation I think. I agree nastya sounds weird when I say it but sounds better in one of the eastern European accents.

And actually not that uncommon any more, I know a few EE Anastasias. (Well 2)

In van der pump rules (epically awful/amazing reality show) there's a Stasi pronounced like the secret police- random!.

Astronica Fri 17-May-19 04:30:06

I love it and don't think it's over the top at all. I like Taisy/Taisie and Tansy as nns. Other nns that are also lovely: Annie, Anya, Anna/Ana, Tasia, Tess.

Hundredacrewoods Fri 17-May-19 04:35:27

"Sia" (like the singer) is another potential nn!

JingsMahBucket Fri 17-May-19 05:52:08

I’ve always loved Anastasia as a name. Where I’m from people use Stac(e)y as a nickname.

Namaste6 Fri 17-May-19 06:04:56

I went to school many years ago with an Anastasija, pronounced Ah-nah-stah-see-yah. She got Stah-see-yah (Stasija) or Stah-see (Stassi) as shortened names. Loved the name then still love it now.

BusterGonad Fri 17-May-19 06:47:40

My mum thought about it for me, but choose something else. It's a lovely name.

TurquoiseAndPurple Fri 17-May-19 10:35:29

Love it. OH said no 😥

Abi197 Fri 17-May-19 10:51:07

This is my friend's name - we call her Sia.

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