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Kobey, Cobey OR Coby

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KKKK1 Tue 14-May-19 19:01:44

Iv seen it spelt a few ways on baby name websites, which is best? 😁

KindleAndCake Tue 14-May-19 19:16:11

I like Coby

percheron67 Tue 14-May-19 19:17:52

However it is spelt, it is a truly dreadful name.

NeverHadANickname Tue 14-May-19 19:18:55


Yogagirl123 Tue 14-May-19 19:19:15

I don’t like it either, sounds like a pets name.

Dljlr Tue 14-May-19 19:20:48

I know a Khobi. Just to mix it up a bit more.

KKKK1 Tue 14-May-19 19:20:52

@percheron67 @Yogagirl123 didn't ask for opinions on the name but then some people cant help but open their mouth can they 🙄😁 have a nice evening.

KKKK1 Tue 14-May-19 19:21:49

@Dljlr I think that one is a little bit to complicated for us poor DH would never get the smelling right! 😌

KKKK1 Tue 14-May-19 19:22:03


Nightingalesinging Tue 14-May-19 19:23:00

None of them are best, they're all grim sorry

Emilydickensonsdogs Tue 14-May-19 19:23:29


Dermymc Tue 14-May-19 19:23:40

They all look/sound like you can't spell Toby.

mimibunz Tue 14-May-19 19:24:41

None and I accept I’m missing the point.

Wolfiefan Tue 14-May-19 19:25:03

Coby is the least awful.

percheron67 Tue 14-May-19 19:25:07

KKK1 My! We are touchy aren't we! My message wasn't addressed to you by the way. I am having a splendid evening thank you.

EdWinchester Tue 14-May-19 19:25:35

This is Mumsnet, thou shalt not use a K name.

And also, posters will give their opinion of the name, even if you just asked about spelling.

Can you imagine actually being named Coby? It's not good.

OldUnit Tue 14-May-19 19:26:17

Coby. If I had to name an Akita.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Tue 14-May-19 19:26:33

I know a kobie which loots better to me. I can’t honestly say that I like name though.

Hairyheadphones Tue 14-May-19 19:28:22

If I heard the name I would assume Kobi was the spelling.

OhMsBeliever Tue 14-May-19 19:28:34


I know a Kobi.

MrsFoxPlus4 Tue 14-May-19 19:29:07

They all look/sound like you can't spell Toby.

How? They begin with a K or a C hmm

Iv only ever seen it as Kobe.

sweetkitty Tue 14-May-19 19:29:39

We call DS Coby as a fun nickname for Jacob

Bloomburger Tue 14-May-19 19:29:52

Horrendous. Why would you saddle a child with such a name regardless of spelling.

GoFiguire Tue 14-May-19 19:30:47


Bookworm4 Tue 14-May-19 19:31:08

Is it a mash up of Obi Wan Kenobi?

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