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Baby Sussex

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bridgetreilly Mon 06-May-19 15:06:49

Least likely names:

I kind of hope they give him a really American name:

ffs74 Mon 06-May-19 15:12:13

As I've said on another thread, as long as they don't give him a name that resembles my ds name, I really couldn't care less!!!

GrumpySausage Mon 06-May-19 15:12:45

Earl. wink

SingingSands Mon 06-May-19 15:14:15

DH says he hopes it's an all-out American name, like Hank grin

pantsville Mon 06-May-19 15:14:31

I'm certain Charles will be in there somewhere

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Mon 06-May-19 15:18:26

I suddenly became very British at the thought of a Royal baby with the moniker Holt or Hunter.confused

ThisIsTheEndgame Mon 06-May-19 15:48:07

I reckon Alexander Philip, with a second, more unusual middle name

LarkDescending Mon 06-May-19 16:10:12

Rupert Sentabale Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor, Earl of Dumbarton.

LarkDescending Mon 06-May-19 16:10:41

^Sentebale. Obviously.

sidonie1 Mon 06-May-19 16:59:49


TrixieFranklin Mon 06-May-19 17:02:16

I don't imagine they'll use Thomas. We'd never hear the end of it from her sister and dad..

HeadlessGummyBears Mon 06-May-19 17:09:46

So Meghan and Harry have announced that they had boy. I’m assuming they will announce the name in two days time. I’m curious whether they’ll go off-piste or be more traditional or have a bit a both? 🤔

ChinaBear Mon 06-May-19 17:11:05

I was surprised to hear it’s a boy. I thought some celebrity pal had let slip it was going to be a girl?

Strawberrypancakes Mon 06-May-19 17:12:40

I thought it was going to be a girl from her pink shower..

HeadlessGummyBears Mon 06-May-19 17:13:29

Maybe they wanted throw the media a curveball?

Aikaterina Mon 06-May-19 17:13:47

I think Elliot or Theodore

Anothertempusername Mon 06-May-19 17:14:48


Haworthia Mon 06-May-19 17:15:08

I’d love them to go off-piste. I’m so bored of the same Royal names.

stucknoue Mon 06-May-19 17:17:15

Alexander or James are my best,

HeadlessGummyBears Mon 06-May-19 17:18:00

I’m also thinking Theodore. Maybe Theodore Charles Philip Sussex. I’m assuming they might have a mixture of traditional and not so traditional.

ILoveMaxiBondi Mon 06-May-19 17:19:05

It won’t be James. For obvious reasons!

I think Phillip will feature as a middle name but j do think they’ll go a little off piste too.

Stravapalava Mon 06-May-19 17:19:34

I think Phillip will be in there somewhere.

Maybe Arthur as that's one of Charles' middle names.

JeantheHipster Mon 06-May-19 17:21:07


BishopBrennansArse Mon 06-May-19 17:40:13

Still saying Balonz

Flamingosnbears Mon 06-May-19 17:43:59

Frederick with Nn Freddie or Reginald with Nn Reggie...

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