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names due a comeback?

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Wentsworth Sun 07-Apr-19 10:37:45

I think Rachel, Amanda and Clare may make their way back around soon.

I met a 2 year old Hilary (girl) the other day and somehow it didn't seem quite "right". Can't put my finger on it as of course many names from decades ago are popular now, but Hilary doesn't quite suit little kids to me somehow!!

What others do you think may start to appear soon?

Looking for inspiration for DC1.

onecardshort Mon 08-Apr-19 13:40:42

My niece has called her son Freddie. I love it as there is choice as he goes through life; Freddie while he's young; Fred as he gets older and Frederick if he wants to be posh and professional. I named my middle son Caddaric in this basis and when I want him to sound trendy I use Cadds but he's a curly haired non verbal asd 17yr old who is generally affectionately known as Caddy by all who come into contact with him.

Calloway Mon 08-Apr-19 13:45:35

I've never heard of Caddaric before. Is it Old English?

BurrSir Tue 09-Apr-19 08:59:04

Karen 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

loveshinealight Tue 09-Apr-19 12:04:06

Ambrose - it's fabulous!

DarlingLittleBabyName Tue 09-Apr-19 13:17:45

Nora. such a precious timeless name and its getting more popular too. x

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Tue 09-Apr-19 13:50:19

Noooo not Norman. It was DH's middle name and he loathed it intensely. I can't say I disagree with him either. It was a mild insult when I was at primary school ("you're such a norman") and it doesn't even sound nice.

navyismycolour Tue 09-Apr-19 18:00:21

I love some of the names on this thread!

Think Harry and Meghan's baby name could lead the way tbh.

KingHenrysCodpiece Tue 09-Apr-19 18:30:41

Lianne/Leeanne Not heard that for ages.
Fanny - (ought to be pulled out. Get over it people)

Dean - not heard that in any younger children for ages

Vitalogy Tue 09-Apr-19 19:01:50

David :-)

Laska2Meryls Tue 09-Apr-19 19:12:05

My friend told me she had met a baby Barbara, the other day. Neither her nor my name has been mentioned on this thread and we are in our 60-70 decade ..
I doubt they will come back ..

mummymonica Tue 09-Apr-19 20:50:50

I think these names will soon make a return..


SoftBlocks Tue 09-Apr-19 20:55:30

David and Victoria Coren Mitchell have a Barbara, I believe. So that one might be coming back.

Dizzywizz Tue 09-Apr-19 21:03:09

Oh my god I love Caddaric, never heard that before!

mathanxiety Wed 10-Apr-19 06:57:19


littlebillie Wed 10-Apr-19 20:16:40

Paul Andrew Michael

littlebillie Wed 10-Apr-19 20:17:36


Joeybee Wed 10-Apr-19 21:10:43



groovergirl Thu 11-Apr-19 08:02:04

Please not Norma, o no. She'll get "Abnorma" or "Subnorma"!

I know an Esther, 6, and Millicent, 15. My DD, 11, is Virginia.

Hot tips:
Peregrine (Perry) to make the charts in Australia, thanks to a popular TV character.
Alaric, for all the medievalists
Campbell, for the Scottishly inclined who are wearying of Angus and Lachlan
Julie, which now has mid-century vintage chic and is sure to appeal once everyone gets sick of Lily, Poppy, Elvie, Sadie and similar!

fleshmarketclose Thu 11-Apr-19 08:30:05

Dd is considering Percy for soon to be born new grandchild, it's not a name I envisaged would be popular again tbf.
I heard someone calling a toddler Dustin in the supermarket, I would have assumed Justin but he had a little backpack with his name on.
I love Vincent and would think Dominic and Sebastian could make a comeback.
For girls Sarah seems to be popular around here so wonder whether Sally, Louise Katie might follow.

JustAnotherMillennial Thu 11-Apr-19 08:39:19

I was born early 90s and my mum nearly called me Mabel grin

My neighbour's 12yo is called Melanie.

FlumpyMummy Thu 11-Apr-19 08:41:11


IggyAce Thu 11-Apr-19 09:07:44

I work in a school and a couple of the names that stand out to me are Alan, Colin and David, I associate them with people my dad’s age (mid 60’s).
A couple of others that are due a comeback:

popsadaisy Thu 11-Apr-19 09:16:01

I know this is a post about names making a come back but I have heard that apparently the names Gary and Paula are due to 'die out' completely.
I don't know if it's because it's my little girls middle name so I'm aware of it more but I've heard a few little girls called Margo or Margot recently! Love that name so much!

marshallzumarubble Thu 11-Apr-19 11:25:34

There tends to be a 90-100 year rule with name popularity so right now there is a resurgence in names popular in the 1910s/20s. Therefore the next names to come through should be the ones from the 30s, think Ernest, Shirley, Brian, June, Joan, Betty, Ronald, Donald, Walter, Hilda, Audrey, Sylvia and Clifford.

Of course there is a lot of overlap with name popularity so we are already seeing little Olives, Dorothys, Evelyns, Irises and Florences as well as Stanleys, Sidneys, Erics, Arthurs and Alberts (all of these are in the current UK top 250 of their respective genders).

When it comes to the reports of names dying out completely, this is really rare. Yes, there are very few baby Garys or Paulas (26 Garys born in 2017 - slightly more if we could Gareths - and 46 Paulas born in that year) but for a name to truly 'die out' there needs to be no-one with that name alive at all (we are getting close with Fanny - there have been no baby Fannys registered in the last 23 years and hasn't been in the top 100 since 1904). Gary and Paula will come back round, probably in about 2040-2050 as they both peaking in around 1960.

So yes, we need to prepare ourselves for being introduced to grandchildren called Keith, Kenneth, Terrence and Trevor, and Patricia, Maureen, Sandra and Pamela....

TrendyNorthLondonTeen Thu 11-Apr-19 12:23:09

My mum wanted to call me Grace but the idea of being a Grace growing up in the 90s/00s fills me with horror. I went to school with a Harry and we all thought that was a dreadfully old man name!

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