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Page 9 | Negative comments make me regret daughter’s name.

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evelynsmummy44 Thu 21-Mar-19 11:43:09

I know people are going to say not to worry but it’s something that I think about regularly. My daughter is three and her name is Evelyn. She has never, ever been called Evie (not even once) and her name was picked for sentimental reasons. When we named her I had never been on a site like this and having never met another little Evelyn I didn’t know it was popular (still haven’t met another one in our area!) however I get really sad that it is pretty much always called boring or horrible on this site. I very rarely see anything positive about it and it makes me regret not calling her Eliza. I’m not sure how to learn to love my daughter’s name again (maybe just come off this site? But I love looking at it for inspiration for baby number two) anyone been/felt similar about their child’s name?

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LuluBellaBlue Wed 27-Mar-19 08:38:26

My son is 15 so when I named him never looked at a site like this.
Have since checked on here and his named is slated as being hideous. I’ll admit it did hurt a bit but it suits him so well and he adores it, everyone comments what a great name it is for him.
So don’t worry too much. And for what it’s worth I think it’s a beautiful name and would consider for a girl

CornishMaid1 Wed 27-Mar-19 09:19:29

Ignore the haters. It is actually the name that I want (pronounced Ev-e-lyn) if I ever get lucky enough to have a daughter.

I think it is a beautiful name.

Sessy19 Wed 27-Mar-19 09:44:20

@purpleme12 How long have you been on this site? I’m really not the only person ever to have had a negative opinion on a name.

You lot make me laugh!!! Hilarious self-centredness.

purpleme12 Wed 27-Mar-19 09:51:10

I never said you were. I don't know how long I've been on the site, it's not relevant. Your comment was unnecessary

StroppyWoman Wed 27-Mar-19 10:07:45

My understanding is it's EEv-lin for a man (Evelyn Waugh for example) and Ev-uh-lin for a woman, is that how you use it, OP?
It's a lovely name, don't fret it.

purpleme12 Wed 27-Mar-19 10:10:25

I'm sure in the film Evelyn it was pronounced Eev-lin for the girl. It's been a while since I watched but I think that's right

purpleme12 Wed 27-Mar-19 10:16:04

(thinking of the film with Pierce Brosnan as apparently there's more than one film with this name!)

fruitbrewhaha Wed 27-Mar-19 10:17:41

The problem with choosing a baby's name is that if you want something different/unusual, a name no other child at school has, then it's probably a bit weird and by definition a name that people don't like. Equally, by definition a name that is popular, is easy on the ear, people like it, hence why it is used more.

Eve, or Evie or variations on the theme all sound nice, so don't fret.

Is there anything else going on OP? It's odd to worry about a name 3 years later. I've found my DDs kind of become their name.

PandaCat Wed 27-Mar-19 10:20:08

It's a lovely name, although I am biased as I have one. She is just Evelyn too, not Evie.

outpinked Wed 27-Mar-19 11:04:24

I quite like it. I think there was a phase 8/9 years ago of Eve/Evie/Eva being popular but it has died down now afaik.

purpleme12 Wed 27-Mar-19 11:15:08

I think they're still quite popular in the first 50 names.

Theoldwoman Wed 27-Mar-19 11:18:42

I love classical names (have 3 daughters of my own all with classical names) and Evelyn is a beauty!

Try not to ponder on what others think. I have heard plenty of negative comments about my girls' names over the years, but it never put me off.

I'm sure Evelyn will love her name always!

barryfromclareisfit Wed 27-Mar-19 11:23:21

Don’t take MN too seriously. Some genuine posters are helpful. Others are just nasty for the fun of it.

Roomba Wed 27-Mar-19 11:28:32

Haven't RTFT, but I think Evelyn is a lovely name! My grandmother was called Evelyn (she pronounced it Evv-Lin) and my cousin's 2yo DD is also Evelyn. Much prefer it to Eliza tbh. I've met several other Evelyns before (I'm 42) and it seems to be becoming more popular again recently.

Evelyn7512 Wed 27-Mar-19 12:36:23


Evelyn7512 Wed 27-Mar-19 12:39:05

So true

Tiramisu1 Wed 27-Mar-19 13:49:59

Even if we don't all say 'oh, it's a lovely name' you should stick with your daughter's name!

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Wed 27-Mar-19 13:56:18

Havent read the whole thread (sorry) but just wanted to say I have a 7yr old Evelyn I adore her name and more importantly so does she. We normally get very positive comments about her name.

septembersunshine Wed 27-Mar-19 18:16:14

Its beautiful op. A classic! Don't doute yourself. You picked the perfect name for your dd!

You can't please everyone and shouldn't even try. Its like saying everyone must love the colur blue or their favorite crisps must be KP Discos. You picked a beautiful name. Other peoples views are irrelevent.

Ps i often see that alot of people consider my dds name a dogs name. I just laugh!!

UbercornsGoggles Wed 27-Mar-19 18:37:56

I've just told people at work that our new starter is called Evelyn and everyone commented on what a lovely name it is.

badg3r Wed 27-Mar-19 22:37:35

Evelyn is lovely! How do you pronounce it out of interest? FWIW, both my name and my DS's name are titles for threads trending here at the moment and are getting a proper slating 🤣

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