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DeusEx Thu 07-Feb-19 08:47:33

Would welcome thoughts?

I am in love with the spelling - it looks like an Old Testament angel or something. But dee-ell reminds me of Dell-boy...


MrsBertBibby Thu 07-Feb-19 08:49:57

I'd assume the baby had had to be induced.

BertrandRussell Thu 07-Feb-19 08:49:59

Do you mean Dallied- or is that a typo?

Sexnotgender Thu 07-Feb-19 08:50:20

It looks like dilly dallied to me.

Beamur Thu 07-Feb-19 08:51:03

Is it a name?

ReaganSomerset Thu 07-Feb-19 08:51:47

Yes, dilly dallied. In other words, fannied about, dragging their feet and not being productive. Careful what you wish for...

tattychicken Thu 07-Feb-19 08:52:31

Do you mean Dalziel?

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Thu 07-Feb-19 08:52:36

Dee-ell - Scottish pronunciation of devil. I’d give it a miss.

DonDrapersOldFashioned Thu 07-Feb-19 08:55:29

Isn’t Dalziel a surname?

Singlenotsingle Thu 07-Feb-19 08:56:04

Hmmm - result of a dalliance?

Sexnotgender Thu 07-Feb-19 08:59:29

Dalziel is a surname yes.

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Thu 07-Feb-19 09:00:16

Poor bairn...

WaitrosePigeon Thu 07-Feb-19 09:08:04

Dilly Dallied

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Thu 07-Feb-19 09:09:02

Dallied surel6 isnt a name its a its a past tense verb.

Do you mean Dele ? As in Dele Alli the totenham and england player? Because his full name is actually Bamidele Jermaine Alli.

Or Denzel as in mr washington.

KindnessCrusader Thu 07-Feb-19 09:09:16

I'm confused.

Karigan195 Thu 07-Feb-19 09:10:59

Isn’t there a song about that:

Dilly and dallied
Dallied and dillied
Lost her way and don’t know where to go...

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Thu 07-Feb-19 09:11:23

And if you mean Dele? Its pronounced del-y like del with an E On the end

Gazelda Thu 07-Feb-19 09:13:56

I think you and the child will spend your whole lives trying to explain the meaning and/origination.
Dallied, to me, means procrastinated, dawdled, aimless.
Sorry, I think it's a bad idea

babysharkah Thu 07-Feb-19 09:15:39

Dalziel autocorrects to dallied - is that what you meant?

GreatDuckCookery6211 Thu 07-Feb-19 09:22:16

I like Dalziel. Is that what you meant?

enjoyingscience Thu 07-Feb-19 09:30:54

My old man said follow the van...

ChubsyMcChubFace Thu 07-Feb-19 12:16:37

The op must mean Dalziel. Makes me think ...and Pascoe, but I think I’m showing my age a bit there... and showing my terrible weakness for crime dramas blush.

Hmmmmm I don’t know how I feel about it as a baby name tbh. Is it Scottish? There are some beautiful Scottish names;


I could go on! I prefer all of these to Dalziel myself. But it isn’t my baby grin.

Zoflorabore Thu 07-Feb-19 12:19:14

I thought it was a typo too.

Op what on earth are you thinking? Pregnancy hormones can be tough but this is just horrible. It doesn't even sound like a name. It's a word.

Sexnotgender Thu 07-Feb-19 12:20:11

Dalziel is Scottish but it’s a surname.

I think you’d struggle with anyone not Scottish knowing how to pronounce it. It’s like Menzies, everyone pronounces it wrong!

cushioncovers Thu 07-Feb-19 12:20:36

Dallied? Is that what you meant op?

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