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Asa or Noah?

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AfricaBlue Wed 23-Jan-19 20:40:07


Which name do you prefer?

Thank you smile

TigerQuoll Wed 23-Jan-19 20:42:55

Noah, I'm not sure Asa is a name?

Sexnotgender Wed 23-Jan-19 20:43:56

Asa sounds like a company? How is it pronounced, Ass-a?

erja Wed 23-Jan-19 20:47:00

For boys? I've only heard Aza (Ay-za) for a girl? Not sure how I'd pronounce Asa?

tammytoby Wed 23-Jan-19 20:47:01

Asa is much nicer and less overused

Phebes Wed 23-Jan-19 20:47:21

Definitely Asa! Love it. Pronounced “AY-sah”

Polkadotdelight Wed 23-Jan-19 20:48:19

Asa. DH wouldn't let me use it!

Sophilicious Wed 23-Jan-19 20:50:03

Haha Asa is my husbands name!! He does have people (as demonstrated above!) who struggle to pronounce it, but if you prefer less popular names go for it. He’s always called Ace and I think that’s pretty cool, as I think he is ace 😉

debbie1990 Wed 23-Jan-19 20:52:19

Asa definitely. Noah is becoming really popular and seems a bit 'safe'

Angelicwings Wed 23-Jan-19 21:01:39

Noah, out of the two. I was a person who got teased at school and I can practically guarantee he will be called Ass at some point. I love the sound of Ace-a (if that's how you're pronouncing Asa) but in a way I almost think Acer would be a better option than Asa, just from the spelling point of view?

TigerQuoll Wed 23-Jan-19 21:04:18

Acer is a brand of computer

WisdomOfCrowds Wed 23-Jan-19 21:24:49

And a beautiful tree...

autumnkate Wed 23-Jan-19 22:21:27

Love Asa. I always suggest it! I’ve only ever taught one in 14 years of teaching.

DramaAlpaca Wed 23-Jan-19 22:23:06

Asa, mainly because I can't stand Noah.

HTKS Wed 23-Jan-19 22:23:36

Asa is lovely.

FlagFish Wed 23-Jan-19 22:25:16

This is a difficult choice in that one is very popular at the moment and the other is very obscure! Personally I’d go for something in the middle, but out of these two, I’d say Noah.

Sophronia Wed 23-Jan-19 23:36:41

Definitely Asa!

JacksonPillock Wed 23-Jan-19 23:43:59

Asa is cool and unusual without being trendy. Noah is overused and boring.

Picknickers Wed 23-Jan-19 23:44:32

Asa hands down.

YouSetTheTone Thu 24-Jan-19 07:44:48

I love Asa and had it on my list but DH vetoed sad
I used to really dislike Noah but it has grown on me a lot. Depends how brave you feel really- they’re both good names but as pp said very different in terms of familiarity.
Do either ‘go’ better with surname?

MyFriendGoo5 Thu 24-Jan-19 07:46:32


It's a lovely, gentle name.

MyFriendGoo5 Thu 24-Jan-19 07:47:26

Asa is also a biblical name, for anyone thinking it isn't a name.

It is.

NameChanger22 Thu 24-Jan-19 07:49:14

Noah. It has always been one of my favourite names. Asa is a bit weird and kids will call him Ass.

comebacksoonsusan Thu 24-Jan-19 07:50:40


gentlyscented Thu 24-Jan-19 07:57:40

How is asa pronounced? Ay-sa or ace-a

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