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Thoughts on shortlist

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SparrowNest Mon 07-Jan-19 14:43:41

We've come up with a shortlist of 10 first names for each gender, I'm keen to find out what other people think.

If it's a girl:

If it's a boy:

Suggestions of middle names that might work with these first names are also very appreciated.

If it fits nicely, we could potentially use one of the names I liked, but which we agreed were a bit too "out there" to choose as first names: Wren or Clover for a girl, Atlas or Elvis for a boy.

17caterpillars1mouse Mon 07-Jan-19 14:48:47

Elodie - its nice enough bit seems a bit faddy to me

Lilac - i really like it but not sure i would want it as my own name personally

Clementine - pretty but i prefer the simplicity of Clemence or Clemency

Sadie - nice but a bit nicknamey

Leonie - not a fan

Anouk - love it. My favourite rrom yoyr list

Cecily - also very pretty

Cleo - not a fan. Makes me think of the car Clio

Saskia - nice, quite a fiesty name

Saffron - i like it but think it would only work on a quirky, confident child

Otto - nice enough just not for me
Francis - love it
Murray - not a fan
Roscoe - ok, a bit faddy
Atticus - nice
Louie - dislike
Leon - not a fan
Bruno - love it
Orson - not a fan

My choices wouod be Anouk or Cecily and Francis or Bruno

MikeUniformMike Mon 07-Jan-19 15:31:26

Elodie - only if you are French. It is likely to be a lot more popular than you think.
Lilac - There are a lot of Lilys and Lilas and Lyras around, It would be lovely for a kitten.
Clementine - no. too fruity
Sadie - not keen
Leonie - not keen
Anouk - only if French
Cecily. prefer Cicely. No
Cleo - yes
Saskia - yes
Saffron - no

If it's a boy:
Otto - no
Francis -ok
Murray - maybe
Roscoe - is it Cornish? no
Atticus - no. It's dreadful.
Louie - Louis is much nicer
Leon - passed it's peak a while ago
Bruno - yes
Orson - no

tammytoby Mon 07-Jan-19 15:38:39

I like the following:



Til89 Mon 07-Jan-19 15:48:26

Elodie - I like it
Lilac - sorry, I don’t like this one!
Clementine - ok
Sadie - lovely
Leonie - really like this! But I do know a couple so might be popular
Anouk - I’ve never heard this so I’m not sure how to pronounce it?
Cecily - lovely
Cleo - nice but becoming popular if that bothers you
Saskia - don’t like it at all
Saffron - nice!

If it's a boy:
Otto - I like it
Francis - one of my favourite ever names!
Murray - more of a surname
Roscoe - same as above
Atticus - not keen
Louie - it’s ok
Leon - like it
Bruno - not sure about this one
Orson - I like it!

Til89 Mon 07-Jan-19 15:50:38

I don’t think Elvis is too out there, I quite like it.

WrapAndRoll Mon 07-Jan-19 16:54:10

Elodie - OK
Lilac - brilliant, a fresh take on the florals
Clementine - really nice
Sadie - a bit harsh
Leonie - quite nice
Anouk - cool and chic
Cecily - OK, prefer Cecilia
Cleo - OK
Saskia - OK
Saffron - OK if a bit "spice cupboard"

Otto - faddy and harsh, faintly comic
Francis - nice classic saint's name. Frank is a great nickname too
Murray - mints, surname
Roscoe - Dukes of Hazzard! Ross is fine though
Atticus - don't like
Louie - don't like the Loo sound
Leon - like, also Leo
Bruno - OK
Orson - like, interesting but not pretentious

Peachbubble Mon 07-Jan-19 18:35:02

I like Elodie, Clementine, Leonie, Anouk, Cleo and Saskia. For the boys, I like Leon and Bruno.

Phebes Mon 07-Jan-19 19:00:20

Love Otto and Saskia!

Astronica Tue 08-Jan-19 09:45:08

I love: Clementine, Anouk, Cleo, Saskia, Saffron. And I like Elodie, Lilac and Cecily.
From boy's list I only like Bruno, Roscoe and Atticus.

Middles with my likes/loves:

Clementine Daisy/Sadie/Lilac
Anouk Frances
Cleo Saffron/Saskia
Saskia Cleo/Lilac
Saffron Frances
Elodie Cleo/Saffron/Wren/Clover
Lilac Frances
Cecily Wren/Clover/Frances

Bruno Murray/Francis/Louie
Roscoe Murray/Francis/Leon/Louie
Atticus Murray/Leon/Louie

tammytoby Tue 08-Jan-19 09:51:40

I would choose Cecily for a girl and Bruno or Atticus for a boy. Lovely names.

Icklepup Tue 08-Jan-19 19:41:38

I like Cecily and Otto.

daisypond Tue 08-Jan-19 20:38:20

I rather like Lilac - I think it works. Otherwise Cecily or Anouk, but I actually like them all. For boys, Louis (spelled this way) or Otto.

chipsnmayo Tue 08-Jan-19 21:14:49

If it's a girl:
Elodie - really like
Lilac - really not keen but probably alright as a middle name
Clementine - I like but Clem is awful. DD had a friend called Clementine and she got called Clemmy...
Sadie - have also loved this
Leonie - really like this too, quite different but a really cool name
Anouk - not keen
Cecily - really dislike
Cleo -this does not see like a finished name and all I can think of is the Mermaid from H20 but that probably wont be problem in this present time.
Saskia - lovely
Saffron - ok

If it's a boy:
Otto - nope
Francis - too old fashioned to me, maybe a middle names contender
Murray - awful, 50 something mechanic
Roscoe - not keen at all
Atticus - love, but seems a bit faddy atm
Louie - really like but just spell it Louis ffs
Leon - ok
Bruno - really like
Orson - quite like.

LoopyLoonyLuna Tue 08-Jan-19 21:56:50

I like Elodie, Clementine and Cecily from your girls list (least favourite are Cleo, Lilac and Sadie) also I think Wren is very pretty and not too “out there” at all.

Sorry I don’t like any of your boys names - I prefer Otis to Otto and Monty instead of Murray and Rafferty or Rory instead of Roscoe.

Pemba Fri 11-Jan-19 18:51:44

Girl, Clementine or Saskia. Elodie, Leonie and Sadie also nice. (Sadie does seem to suit a strong, quirky character though, don't know if it's right for a shy girl. Possibly that's silly!)

The only boys name I really like on your list is Louie (which is far better spelt Louis). Leon is OK.

tammytoby Fri 11-Jan-19 20:07:57

Cecily and Louie!

Outside of France Louie works much better because people won't mispronounce it as Lou-is. Louie was also the more popular spelling last year.

Tallie12 Sat 12-Jan-19 22:40:09

Elodie Wren and Francis Atlas! Love Atticus but not with Atlas and don't like Elvis. Sadie is cute.

Cazastrophe Sun 13-Jan-19 16:06:37

If it's a girl:
Elodie - like this, a middle name such as Rose, Marie, Sophia or Grace would be nice
Lilac - horrible name, it’s a colour and sounds wrong as a name
Clementine - don’t like it, too fruity!
Sadie - I know a lot of people who have dogs called Sadie so not for me
Leonie - not bad, would suggest short middle name again as with Élodie
Anouk - sounds a bit dangerous A Nuke!
Cecily - sounds too C’est silly!
Cleo - A cat’s name
Saskia - my favourite girl’s name on your list
Saffron - nn Saffie, a bit Ab Fab and Saffron too harsh.

If it's a boy:
Otto - Ugh
Francis - too old fashioned
Murray - unusual but not horrible, would suggest a 1 or 3 syllable middle name, eg: James, Alexander
Roscoe - as above
Atticus - Awfully poncey and why name a beautiful baby something that sounds like attic?
Louie - Louis is a nicer spelling. Love the middle name Alexander with this first name
Leon - it’s a bit of a ‘gang’ name
Bruno - another dog sounding name
Orson - reminds me of Orson’s farm

Sorry if I sound blunt but just a genuine opinion and names are very much to one’s own taste.

I like Saskia Rose, Élodie Sophia, Louis Alexander.

Good luck!

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