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Is this a boy or girls name?

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mothertobe789 Tue 04-Dec-18 20:08:05

Ellis. I know it is unisex but would you think more of a boy or girl if you heard this name?

MummyBearRose Tue 04-Dec-18 20:09:45

I personally immediately picture a little boy with this name heard of a lot of boys names it however no girls at all!😁

AnneTwackie Tue 04-Dec-18 20:11:37

Know a boy and girl: Ellis- boy (ellisss), Elise- girl (elleese)

Whatififall Tue 04-Dec-18 20:12:23


WerewolfNumber1 Tue 04-Dec-18 20:12:39

Ellis - boy
Elise - girl

MilkyCuppa Tue 04-Dec-18 20:12:45


ernjas Tue 04-Dec-18 20:12:48

I think Ellis and Elise are too completely different names? Elise is only a girls name.

As for Ellis, I always picture a boy!

Pixel99 Tue 04-Dec-18 20:13:18

I do think boy as DD has one (boy called Ellis that is) in her class

WomanOfTime Tue 04-Dec-18 20:13:21

I've only ever seen it used as a surname.

MummyBearRose Tue 04-Dec-18 20:13:51

@ernjas I completely agree! Elise is just a girls name .. Ell-ees

mothertobe789 Tue 04-Dec-18 20:14:42

Yeah Elise is a different name. I was thinking of the female character Ellis Grey in greys anatomy! Lol

stopdropandroll Tue 04-Dec-18 20:15:24

ellis seems like a boy’s name to me. i’ve met a few girls called eliz as a name on its own or you could use elizabeth and shorten to eliz/el/ellie etc...?

ernjas Tue 04-Dec-18 20:15:47

@mothertobe789 yeah, just wasn't sure why Elise had been brought into it 😂 Ellis is definitely a unisex name and I think a girl could pull it off and people wouldn't question it after she was named it but I do automatically think boy first!

nuttyknitter Tue 04-Dec-18 20:16:01

I have a female cousin called Ellis - she's in her sixties - but I still think of it as more of a boys name.

Anythingforacatslife Tue 04-Dec-18 20:16:33

I would use it for either and we seriously considered it for dd.

strawberrypenguin Tue 04-Dec-18 20:16:46

Boys name. I know one boy and no girls so that's my association

RiverTam Tue 04-Dec-18 20:17:05

Boy. But it wouldn’t be totally out there for it to be a girls name.

Hippopotas Tue 04-Dec-18 20:17:45

I think of Ellis Peters pseudonym of Edith Pargeter who wrote the Cadfael books

DramaAlpaca Tue 04-Dec-18 20:18:16

I see it as a boys' name, but I've seen it used for girls. If I didn't know otherwise I'd assume an Ellis was male.

opalescent Tue 04-Dec-18 20:25:49

My daughter (nearly two) is named Ellis. We loved its simplicity and the fact that it was quite gender neutral.
It suits her perfectly and we get lovely comments from people about her name.

lebkuchenlover Tue 04-Dec-18 21:03:14

Ellis = boy

Elise, Alice, Elsie = girl

Fireandfury1 Tue 04-Dec-18 21:05:38

I think boy's name but I know an older woman called Ellis! Not Elise or Elsie - they are different names.

FestiveNut Tue 04-Dec-18 21:06:45


AnnieOH1 Tue 04-Dec-18 21:10:39

It makes me think of Emily Bronte but then it was her male pseudonym (Ellis Bell). If I got it on CV I think I'd have to wait and see, I wouldn't want to assume. I think a lot of people would think it was female if they'd never heard the name before.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 04-Dec-18 21:11:19

Predominantly boy, but I have heard it on a few girls, so both

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