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Ivy, Iris or Isla?

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Jeffacake Mon 03-Dec-18 19:38:19

Which one do you prefer as a sibling for Elliot?

I love Isla, but was worried about popularity. I keep swapping between Ivy and Iris. Both I love one minute then have doubts the next.

Phoebe was also on the list but I think I’ve gone off it.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 03-Dec-18 19:39:39


WisestIsShe Mon 03-Dec-18 19:39:46

Iris, it's classic and pretty.

sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 03-Dec-18 19:40:00

isla imo

earlybyrd Mon 03-Dec-18 19:40:19


Eleanorrr Mon 03-Dec-18 19:44:52


ernjas Mon 03-Dec-18 19:45:03

Ivy or Iris are both lovely. Isla seems a bit faddy now.

pipilangstrumpf Mon 03-Dec-18 19:45:43


3out Mon 03-Dec-18 19:47:06

There’s a lot of Ivy/Ivies. I’d go Iris

bridgetreilly Mon 03-Dec-18 19:56:45

In order:
Elliot and Iris
Elliot and Ivy
Elliot and Isla

But I actually like them all!

Soiree Mon 03-Dec-18 19:57:50


pipilangstrumpf Mon 03-Dec-18 19:58:02

I thought Iris is becoming quite popular (and Isla was very popular), so to me Ivy seems the most classic

17caterpillars1mouse Mon 03-Dec-18 20:08:46


Penny33 Mon 03-Dec-18 20:28:48


baubled Mon 03-Dec-18 20:31:23

All nice but I love Ivy

RedWineIsFabulous Mon 03-Dec-18 20:32:41

Honesty? Love all three!

Couldn’t choose to be honest as they’re all so pretty!

Notveryadventurousname Mon 03-Dec-18 20:34:54


Kintan Mon 03-Dec-18 20:37:56

Iris! Isla has become very popular, and to me Ivy is a really dull name.

Mumshappy Mon 03-Dec-18 20:39:07

Ivy or Iris I dont like Isla

SeigneurLapindeGrantham Mon 03-Dec-18 20:41:20

Isla it's so pretty

MamaDane Mon 03-Dec-18 20:45:10

Isla. All three names are lovely though. Don't worry too much about popularity. It just means a lot of people have your good taste in names wink

Jeffacake Mon 03-Dec-18 20:59:58

Thanks everyone.... glad all 3 are generally liked but I’ve now still no idea which to pick! I might let DS choose nearer the time by drawing it from a hat!

Shadow1234 Mon 03-Dec-18 21:49:20


Haworthia Mon 03-Dec-18 21:51:27

Isla is top ten (or very close to it) so personally I’d avoid for that reason. Ivy is getting really popular too - I know more than one. Now, that might make it seem like I prefer Iris by a process of elimination, but actually I LOVE it and wanted it for DC2 (who was a boy) grin

ArtisanPopcorn Mon 03-Dec-18 21:57:48

They're all nice but they're also all very popular which would put me off.

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