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Predictions for Harry and Meghan's baby name?

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PiperPublickOccurrences Sat 03-Nov-18 23:11:46

As this little one will be far down the pecking order, they will have the freedom to go a bit more off piste. Like Andrew did with Beatrice and Eugenie - royal names, but not a George, Edward or Elizabeth.

Diana has to be in there somewhere if it's a girl. Think we can safely assume Thomas out of the running for a boy...

I predict:

Girl: Grace Diana or Helena Diana
Boy: Christian or Matthew

(will probably be totally wrong and they'll name it Aquamarine Byzantium or Hercules Antarctica).

Durgasarrow Sun 14-Apr-19 03:44:46


megletthesecond Sat 13-Apr-19 20:03:49

Rosa Alice.
Theodore Jack.

Myothercarisalsoshit Sat 13-Apr-19 14:26:02

I’m going Alice Diana. I don’t think they will go non traditional. Definitely a girl I reckon.

CarriMarie Sat 13-Apr-19 14:16:52

Harriet/Harriette or Henrietta known as Etta, or maybe Matilda or Victoria. with Frances Eliza as middle names.

Jonathan Daniel or Richard with Spencer as a middle name, with maybe Leo/Lionel/Leonard.

MrsP4 Thu 11-Apr-19 22:13:44

If it's s girl I think maybe Alice Gloria Diana after there two mums
And for a boy maybe Albert Phillip James

Probably be completely wrong but I think it's a girl!

SoMuchToBits Thu 11-Apr-19 20:52:54

Alberta Doria Frances for a girl

Alfred Philip Dorian for a boy

Or maybe Zenobia Genevieve and Athelstan Cornelius...

Bea36 Thu 11-Apr-19 20:39:02

I'm thinking something like

Elijah, Theodore, Eli for a boy?
And something classic like Grace, Helena, Rose, Harriet? For a girl...

Connieston Mon 25-Mar-19 07:44:41

I'm guessing girl and Alexandra Frances grin

Myextensionisgivingmeaheadache Mon 25-Mar-19 07:34:38

Alice for a girl I think

MercyBodle Mon 25-Mar-19 07:17:45

I wonder about Rufus for a boy.

ReggieWoo Sun 24-Mar-19 12:37:16

Going to be a boy called Henry apparently.

Clawdy Sun 24-Mar-19 12:20:39

Eleanor or Leo.

SauvingnonBlanketyBlanc Tue 19-Mar-19 10:18:59

Henry for a boy as its Harry's real name

mrsdavys Tue 19-Mar-19 10:11:15

I think
Eleanor, Matilda or Alexandra
Robert, Nicholas or John

stellarfox Tue 19-Mar-19 07:44:30

Alice or Arthur

KingHenrysCodpiece Tue 19-Mar-19 06:53:44

I think Henrietta is a strong possibility for a girl at least

Joeybee Fri 15-Mar-19 00:04:47

If it's a girl I think (hope) Diana will be a middle name.
Other than that I have no idea.
Unlike Kate and will, Megan and Harry aren't as restricted. I can imagine them having an Alice or a Victoria...but perhaps they'll go against tradition and go with a less traditional name.
For some reason I can't imagine them having a boy!

WaxOnFeckOff Thu 14-Mar-19 23:59:38

Jonathan known as Jack

MrsFoxPlus4 Thu 14-Mar-19 21:29:45

Kevin or Dave

Lexi or Lola


ColeHawlins Thu 14-Mar-19 21:20:30

(The new) Lord Snowdon's daughter @foxtiger (Princess Margaret's DGD).

foxtiger Thu 14-Mar-19 21:19:08

From the list upthread, who is Lady Margarita Elizabeth Rose Alleyne?

ColeHawlins Mon 11-Mar-19 23:49:04

* DiDi (after their mothers)*

Or even Dido?

DontCallMeCharlotte Mon 11-Mar-19 22:21:59

And it surely won't be Rachel as that's Megan's own first name.

DontCallMeCharlotte Mon 11-Mar-19 22:20:14

I think it's a girl as well.

I think HM would probably veto Diana as a first name and would definitely ban Spencer as a first name.

I call Marina or Victoria.

KingHenrysCodpiece Sun 10-Mar-19 23:23:20

Doodle I think Samantha is out the running after her sister's anticsgrin

LadyMonica Harbottlegrin I like it!

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