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Isabella or Grace?

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questabellatreetop Wed 08-Aug-18 22:34:31

We've just had a baby girl and have narrowed her name down to either Isabella or Grace.

We want to have Abigail as a middle name because of family connections but need two middle names for various reasons, we love Olivia but can't have it as a first name.

Does anyone have an idea of a combination that fits? Abigail is difficult to make work as a middle name!

MikeUniformMike Wed 08-Aug-18 22:48:04

I'd use Abigail as a first name.
Abigail Olivia Treetop sounds great. Isabella and Grace are lovely but too popular.

MikeUniformMike Wed 08-Aug-18 22:48:46

Congratulations flowers
We need a photo

DC2018 Wed 08-Aug-18 22:52:01

I think Grace Abigail Isabella sounds lovely x

mrscee Wed 08-Aug-18 22:52:25

Both beautiful names in fact my daughter is called isabella grace 😊

bella2bella Wed 08-Aug-18 22:55:14

I like both but think Grace Abigail flows better.

bella2bella Wed 08-Aug-18 22:56:14

(With Isabella after - Grace Abigail Isabella)

MyOtherProfile Wed 08-Aug-18 22:57:57

Grace is everywhere nowadays. Actually I know a few isobels / isabelles / isabellas. Depends on whether you mind using a very popular name?

GreatDuckCookery Wed 08-Aug-18 23:07:32

No don't choose Grace!
Isabella is a million times better. Grace is a middle name at best, like Mae, Rose etc.

Isabella is gorgeous.

AnyaMoondial Thu 09-Aug-18 07:25:31

Isabella Grace Abigail sounds good.

Icklepup Thu 09-Aug-18 07:59:56

Isabella Abigail Grace

bridgetreilly Thu 09-Aug-18 08:14:44

Isabel Abigail.

Or Abigail Isabella.

Peachbubble Thu 09-Aug-18 08:47:33

Grace Abigail Olivia

Quangot Thu 09-Aug-18 08:52:34

Grace Abigail.

Nice to hear Grace as a first name for a change.

KatnissK Thu 09-Aug-18 08:57:04

I vote Isabella. Congratulations!

Bellabutterfly2016 Thu 09-Aug-18 09:03:26

I love Grace, Abigail and Isabella in any order I think they're great names.

I also like Olivia - you've got some lovely names shortlisted

Gender scan in 2 weeks and so I'll be looking at names then!

miamiibiza Thu 09-Aug-18 09:15:14


RedDwarves Thu 09-Aug-18 09:57:09

Isabella Grace Abigail.

I prefer Isabella to Grace, though both are lovely.

ReginaPhalange89 Thu 09-Aug-18 09:59:45

If you're set on Abigail as a middle name id have Isabella Grace Abigail.

I think Isabella followed by Abigail is too much of a mouthful with the 2 A sounds. But grace is too popular for a first name I think. So Isabella Grace Abigail for me

GreatDuckCookery Thu 09-Aug-18 10:08:44

I don't like Abigail. It seems dated to me and I can't stand Abi.

redmini4 Thu 09-Aug-18 10:20:14

Isabella is much better. Just use Abigail as a middle name if that's what you want, as middle names are rarely used.

daisypond Thu 09-Aug-18 11:52:46

I really like Grace as a first name. Much better this way than as a filler middle name. Isabella is pretty too, but it's a little flowery. Grace is a simpler, more classic name. Grace Olivia Abigail is lovely. Isabella Olivia Abigail is too much of a mouthful.

DramaAlpaca Thu 09-Aug-18 14:34:52

Isabella Grace Abigail flows nicely.

KERALA1 Thu 09-Aug-18 23:25:53

I like Abigail. Isabella and Grace are extremely popular - this generations Sarah and Claire. Sadly every Grace my dds know has been horrid which has marred this name somewhat

MikeUniformMike Sat 11-Aug-18 14:25:41

I know 3 lovely Graces (not The Three Graces) and one is in her 50s, One is 29 and the other one 15.
The name has become overpopular.
I know 5 Abigails. One is Gail, the others Abi/Abbie/Abby.

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