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Too Strange?

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SistineThomas Wed 08-Aug-18 20:16:41

Hi! I really love the name Victor, and so does my husband. We're due to have a baby boy towards the end of August, and we thought Victor would be a lovely, strong name for him. But I'm now backtracking because my good friend brought up the fact that "Victor" will make people think of "Victor Frankenstein", and now I'm unsure about it! Help!!!

ichbineinstasumer Wed 08-Aug-18 20:18:25

I don't think most people will think of Victor Frankenstein.

I don't love the name but it's fine, no reason not to choose it if you both like it

jasminemaya Wed 08-Aug-18 20:18:34

A bit too strange, sorry.

HollowTalk Wed 08-Aug-18 20:19:01

I would never, ever associate Victor with Frankenstein! I would think he'd be called "Vic", though - would you mind that?

mrsnolasco Wed 08-Aug-18 20:19:20

I wouldn’t think Victor Frankenstein but I would think Victor Meldrew.

DramaAlpaca Wed 08-Aug-18 20:19:31

No, it's great. I only know one, a teenager now. I have to admit I thought it an odd choice at first but it's really grown on me & it suits him so well. It's definitely a strong name.

Frankenstein wouldn't have occurred to me at all.

YourMilkshakeIsBetterThanMine Wed 08-Aug-18 20:19:57

My grandad was a Victor and he was ace. I think it's a fantastic name.

spottybetty Wed 08-Aug-18 20:20:06

Victor is a good strong name. Vic is nice too. I don’t think people will think of victor Frankenstein!

WallisFrizz Wed 08-Aug-18 20:20:18

I don’t think victor will make them think of Frankenstein but, personally, I think there are better names.

SadSongsAndWaltzes Wed 08-Aug-18 20:21:49

I love it! It was the name of my granddad, and it was on my list had dd been a boy. I wouldn't think Frankenstein or Meldrew! I think it's very underused and lovely.

BikeRunSki Wed 08-Aug-18 20:22:05

I didn’t know that Frankenstein’s name was Victor.

I know 2 Victors, both in their 40s, both nice chaps. One Spanish, one Nigerian.

BlancheM Wed 08-Aug-18 20:24:21

Such a good, strong name

ProseccoPoppy Wed 08-Aug-18 20:26:30

Frankenstein would never have occurred to me. Meldrew would though.

MikeUniformMike Wed 08-Aug-18 20:26:36

It's ok. There are lots of worse names.
I think it's not likely to be a top 10 name but it's not ridiculous. Victor Meldrew was cute.
I also like Norman.

haribosmarties Wed 08-Aug-18 20:27:18

Really love the name Victor. Makes me think of 'Victor Hugo'

snowsun Wed 08-Aug-18 20:28:34

I know a victor - it's great. He suits it and nobody thinks it's different.

Theweasleytwins Wed 08-Aug-18 20:33:21

Makes me Think of Victor von doom
Not a bad thing

ReginaPhalange89 Wed 08-Aug-18 20:51:28

No it doesn't make me think of Frankenstein lol, definitely don't let that comment put you off if you both love the name , you'll only end up regretting it

middleagedalready Wed 08-Aug-18 20:54:39

My ds has a best friend with this name, lovely boy and I have never thought of it as a strange name.

YaLoVeras Wed 08-Aug-18 20:57:08

I love it!!

YaLoVeras Wed 08-Aug-18 20:57:38

Victor Hugo

SittingAround1 Wed 08-Aug-18 20:59:09

I also know a Spanish Victor. Go for it if you like it.

YaLoVeras Wed 08-Aug-18 21:00:57

Prefer it to Hector which gets mumsnet love

DameSquashalot Wed 08-Aug-18 21:04:27

I love Victor

Rebecca36 Wed 08-Aug-18 21:05:03

I doubt anyone will think of Victor Frankenstein. They might think of Frankenstein if you called him Frank.......

Good name, Victor and Vic is very friendly.

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