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17caterpillars1mouse Wed 08-Aug-18 14:36:51

I really like Edward but is it really popular? I like the full name and also nn Ted on a child. Ed is also growing on me thanks to Ed Sheeran but I can't stand Eddie.

Is Eddie inevitable?

Would a Ted get most in a sea of Ted and teddy's from both children called Edward and Theodore, plus full name Teddy I guess.

DC2018 Wed 08-Aug-18 15:33:27

I wouldn't immediately think Ted for Edward tbh I would assume his name was Theodore if his nn was Ted.
If he was Edward then I would assume he would be an Ed or Eddie. X

ScreamingValenta Wed 08-Aug-18 15:35:21

Edward is nice but I prefer Edgar or Edmund.

Takfujimoto Wed 08-Aug-18 15:43:49

Edward is a classic name, I've always liked it.
I know a few Edwards and they all have different nn, Ed, Eddie, Edster, hmmTed and Ward.

I call them all Edward, except Ted, because he just suits it better than Edward.

MrSpock Wed 08-Aug-18 15:45:14

Edward is nice. It was on our list!

Topseyt Wed 08-Aug-18 16:02:34

I like Edward. I might have considered using it if I had had boys (I had girls).

A lovely, strong boy's name.

Edmund is nice too. Ed and Eddie are good shortenings.

OlennasWimple Wed 08-Aug-18 16:04:17

Eddie isn't inevitable if you start out with Ted

Armchairanarchist Wed 08-Aug-18 16:04:20

My DF was Ted (short for Edward) and it's my son's middle name. I love it.

4GreenApples Wed 08-Aug-18 16:36:45

I like Edward. It’s not very common where I live.

Most of the ones I’ve met go by Edward or Ed, I’ve never met any small Teds or Teddy’s. Or any small Theodores.

Having said that, if you really can’t stand Eddie, I’d personally avoid Edward and any other names starting with “Ed” altogether. There’s no way to guarantee that an Edward won’t pick up Eddie as a nickname at school or later.

chuckiecheese Wed 08-Aug-18 16:37:41

Lovely name and can be shortened in a variety of ways. grin

Prinkley Wed 08-Aug-18 16:56:56

I have an Edward which is only ever shortened to Ted.

Quangot Wed 08-Aug-18 17:05:18

Edward is a nice classic name. I also like Edwin. Ted is OK but I dislike Teddy.

foxtiger Wed 08-Aug-18 20:00:11

It's funny, I like Eddie a lot better than Ed, and our hypothetical DS3 was going to be an Edward known as Eddie. Ed always used to sound like a sort of jokey American to me. I've known one very nice guy who uses Ed though, and I might have softened towards it a bit.

I think you can use Edward without Eddie being inevitable. All little boy Edwards seem to go by Edward anyway. You might get some attempts to shorten it in the teenage years, but by then I think he should be allowed to decide for himself which (if any) short form he likes. He might also get called by a completely unexpected nickname unrelated to his actual name, you can never tell.

ReginaPhalange89 Wed 08-Aug-18 20:58:05

I think people tend to go with the nn's you come up with yourself. Maybe school friends, but if you NN him Ted/Teddy then I'm sure he'll probably use that himself , so friends would know him by that name anyway !

Mousefunky Thu 09-Aug-18 02:22:26

We have chosen it for our baby. I don’t know how common it is but I’ve never personally met one and know there are none in my DC’s school years so that is good enough for me.

I like the NN Bear when he is a baby as well as Ted/Teddy/Eddie. When he’s older he can choose I guess but I’d probably just stick with his full name. We currently call him Eddie Bear.

sonnyboo Thu 09-Aug-18 07:08:21

All Edwards I know are Edward or Ed/Eddie. It's the natural shortening imo

deptfordgirl Thu 09-Aug-18 07:28:07

Gorgeous. Popular but classic. All the Edwards near me are known as Teddy.

sonnyboo Thu 09-Aug-18 16:34:39

But it's Edward, not Tedward confused

LeeMiller Thu 09-Aug-18 16:54:59

Ted/Teddy seems like the most fashionable diminutive at the moment - I know a couple who are Edwards, not Theodores. While he's little you'll have more power but you couldn't prevent him becoming Eddie at school.

Edward and Edmund are lovely names.

SJCV Fri 10-Aug-18 16:20:04

We have an Edward. We mainly call him by his full name, but his sibs call him Ted.

We don’t know any other Edwards where we are, but we do know a Teddy of the same age, whose full name is Theodore.

CatkinToadflax Fri 10-Aug-18 18:02:39

I have an Edward. He was Bear when he was teenytiny and DH and I still refer to him as that when talking about him. To family and friends he's Edward or Ed. He's never been Eddie, although a friend of his whose full name is Edward is only ever known as Eddie.

As for how popular it is....he's been one of three in the class but is now the only one in his entire school!

TatianaLarina Fri 10-Aug-18 18:07:04

Edward is one of the few classic boy’s names that I really like.

FreezerBird Fri 10-Aug-18 18:11:18

I like Edward. If I was going to shorten it I'd go for Ned.

The only Edward I know is known as Edward, no shortening.

CoolCarrie Fri 10-Aug-18 18:23:03

Lovely name, classy, timeless and cool as well.

pipilangstrumpf Fri 10-Aug-18 18:31:38

How do you get Ned and Ted from Edward? Not really intuitive confused. I would think Ed or Eddie are more natural shortenings

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