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Norah by itself or as a nickname for Eleanor?

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JessambardKingdomBrunel Mon 25-Jun-18 07:38:51

Dh and I are both agreed that we love Norah, and want to call our dd that, but we can't decide whether to make it a nickname for Eleanor, so that she has other options in the future (Eleanor/Nell/Ellie).

Do you think Norah needs a full name on the birth certificate, or is it enough of a name by itself.

JessambardKingdomBrunel Mon 25-Jun-18 07:39:04


DeckSofa Mon 25-Jun-18 07:49:41

Norah is fine by itself.

Icklepup Mon 25-Jun-18 07:51:58

By itself

Falaffels Mon 25-Jun-18 07:56:36

By itself. It's lovely!

kaytee87 Mon 25-Jun-18 09:16:57

I think it's fine by itself and usually I'm one for 'full' names. Norah is cute and quirky without being weird. Nice choice.

RedDwarves Mon 25-Jun-18 09:43:00

If I met a Nora(h), I would assume that that was her full name.

Eleanor nn Nora(h) isn't common, particularly nowadays.

TheCosmicOwl Mon 25-Jun-18 09:44:49

Norah is a lovely name on it's own.

The world doesn't need any more Eleanors!

KanyeWesticle Mon 25-Jun-18 09:50:18

I'll go against the grain and say use Eleanor, then she can use both. I love Norah but why not give her the option.

MariaMadita Mon 25-Jun-18 10:02:41

I really like Nora. smile But the added h is a bit strange imo.

Nora is a short form of Honora & Eleanor (I believe). It isn't Hebrew/an English version of a Hebrew name (unlike Sarah, Rebekah, Hannah, Susannah etc...)

MikeUniformMike Mon 25-Jun-18 10:05:20

Not keen on either of them but if you are going to call her Norah then why call her Eleanor.

MrsSteptoe Mon 25-Jun-18 10:15:28

I'd call her Norah, gorgeous name. But I think you could also get away with Nell/Nelly as a nn even if you christen her Norah rather than Eleanor. Ellie, granted, would be a bit puzzling if her name were Norah.

LoveInTokyo Mon 25-Jun-18 10:25:56

What about Leonora / Nora?

HappyLollipop Mon 25-Jun-18 10:28:43

Norah is lovely by itself.

kaytee87 Mon 25-Jun-18 10:41:18

Actually as pp have said, I prefer the spelling Nora too

PuppyMonkey Mon 25-Jun-18 10:44:10

I’m not a fan of Nora but I agree it’s a name in itself and I wouldn’t have thought of it as a NN for Eleanor at all.

abiirthdaycake Mon 25-Jun-18 12:07:21

My grandmother was Eleanor (well, her middle name was) but known as Nora all her life - apparently there were lots of people who didn't realise her name wasn't Nora. One of her other grandkids was named after her but with the Norah spelling. I think I prefer it without the H, and with Eleanor on the birth certificate

MikeUniformMike Mon 25-Jun-18 12:12:49

I prefer it with the h.

GreatDuckCookery Mon 25-Jun-18 13:57:03

Personally I would have Eleanor and then Norah as a nn.

Flamingosnbears Mon 25-Jun-18 14:08:32

Norah is fine on its own

DiegoMadonna Mon 25-Jun-18 14:09:31

Prefer it as its own name. Never knew it could be used as a nn for Eleanor.

Glumglowworm Mon 25-Jun-18 23:20:56

I like Norah and it’s fine as a stand-alone name (I know one 100+ year old Norah, it’s not a new thing, either as a stand-alone or that spelling).

Singlenotsingle Mon 25-Jun-18 23:25:07

Eleanor is classic and elegant. Norah? Norah Bone ...

DramaAlpaca Mon 25-Jun-18 23:27:38

Nora/h is a name in itself, it's not short for anything.

Eleanor is much, much nicer though...

Picknickers Mon 25-Jun-18 23:38:09

Norah. I find Eleanor really clunky. And she'd be called Ellie at school. Sorry Eleanor mums.

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