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17caterpillars1mouse Mon 11-Jun-18 20:33:38

What do you think of Estella?

Suzi11 Mon 11-Jun-18 20:35:44

Love it. Baby Esty sounds super cute too

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 11-Jun-18 20:42:31


Octopeppa Mon 11-Jun-18 20:59:40


ZebraKid71 Mon 11-Jun-18 21:04:37

I prefer just Stella, but both are lovely.

Grandmaswagsbag Mon 11-Jun-18 21:07:47

Love it, this was going to be my 2nd dcs name if they were a girl. As it stands we think it’s a boy!

JumpingFrogs Mon 11-Jun-18 21:32:27

Love it. Much prettier than Stella

Flaminglingos Mon 11-Jun-18 21:41:44

Beautiful name, very good choice

TatianaLarina Mon 11-Jun-18 21:48:21


CourtneyLovely Mon 11-Jun-18 22:10:47

Made me think of a cross between these, sorry!

MatildaLovesBooks Mon 11-Jun-18 22:39:15

Not my cup of tea. Seems too flouncy.

IHeartKingThistle Mon 11-Jun-18 22:42:05

She's so mean in Great Expectations! Not her fault though I suppose. It is a pretty name.

bringbackfonzi Mon 11-Jun-18 22:52:44

I love the name Estella.

RedDwarves Mon 11-Jun-18 22:57:25

Much prefer Estelle.

Glumglowworm Mon 11-Jun-18 23:08:06

I really like it

Much nicer than Estelle or Stella

seeingdots Mon 11-Jun-18 23:15:17

I prefer Stella or Estelle

blue25 Mon 11-Jun-18 23:18:02

I immediately thought of the beer Estrella

LoveInTokyo Mon 11-Jun-18 23:19:03

I prefer Estelle.

FogCutter Mon 11-Jun-18 23:29:41

I much prefer Estelle.

HollyGibney Mon 11-Jun-18 23:40:51

Absolutely love that name. Was a serious contender for dd.

HollyGibney Mon 11-Jun-18 23:41:55

Misread, Estelle was a serious contender. I prefer it to Estella but both are lovely.

luxurybiscuit Mon 11-Jun-18 23:43:54

I immediately thought of a nice cold Estrella (my favourite beer!).

Maybe Estelle?

Wavescrashingonthebeach Mon 11-Jun-18 23:47:21

Ditto on the nice cold beer sorry!
Estrella is a gorgeous spanish beer...
And il have a pint of stella when im being a lout (just kidding i do like it though)
Estelle seems a nice none beer related variation.

Chuckle65 Mon 11-Jun-18 23:48:43

I like it.
Makes me think of Great Expectations though

JacintaJones Tue 12-Jun-18 00:02:47

Love it.
It was either Estella or Raphaella for our last baby who was a boy in the end.

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