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How many little Henry's do you know?

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17caterpillars1mouse Mon 11-Jun-18 20:32:31

Just that really. How many children called Henry do you know and where abouts are you? Do they go by just Henry or are they a Harry or Hank?

Owletterocks Mon 11-Jun-18 20:33:40

I know 2 Henry’s and 2 Harry’s. All under 7

ICantCopeAnymore Mon 11-Jun-18 20:34:11

Three Henry/Henri. I'm a teacher, and they always get called Horrid Henry by the other children and some of the staff, even if they're not horrid.

OddBoots Mon 11-Jun-18 20:35:38

Two, one aged 4 and another aged 2. Both known as Henry.

User0304 Mon 11-Jun-18 20:39:26

Two - one is 3 and adorable, other is 2 and less so....

mzsink Mon 11-Jun-18 20:39:54


RiddleyW Mon 11-Jun-18 20:44:17

Three Henry’s and one Harry.

A 5yo, a 2yo, 2 3yo

CloudCaptain Mon 11-Jun-18 20:46:13

I feel sorry for horrid Henry. He's just misunderstood and his parents are awful. Perfect Percy is a dick.

ICantCopeAnymore Mon 11-Jun-18 20:50:26

Yeah, I'd be horrid if I had parents like that!

MrStarkIDontFeelSoGood Mon 11-Jun-18 20:53:08

I know one Henry, who is 6

Chuckle65 Mon 11-Jun-18 20:54:44

The youngest Henry that I've ever met is 18!

Aprilshouldhavebeenmyname Mon 11-Jun-18 20:55:36

Except my dcat!! grin

LadyHonoriaDedlock Mon 11-Jun-18 20:55:53


CheesePleaseLoueese Mon 11-Jun-18 20:57:08

I know one beautiful little Henry. Gorgeous Tudor name!

cocoamore Mon 11-Jun-18 20:58:52

One Harry age 3, just Harry.
One Henry less than a year old.

WallisFrizz Mon 11-Jun-18 21:02:12

2 Henrys, one 6, one 5.
2 Harrys both 6 (Harry as a given name not a shortening),
No Hanks.

WyldDucks Mon 11-Jun-18 21:06:11

Lots! But it was on our short list.

Antonia87 Mon 11-Jun-18 21:14:20

Seems like every other boy at toddler groups at the moment. I was very surprised to be honest .

ilovewinterpansies Mon 11-Jun-18 21:23:37

I have a Henry aged 10 months.

Cariadxx Mon 11-Jun-18 21:31:13

Loads of Henry and Harry's

maitaimojito Mon 11-Jun-18 21:33:39

I know four Henry’s. One is 19 and the other three are 10, 8 and 3.

Cadencia Mon 11-Jun-18 21:34:33

Loads! One Henry and one Harry in DS1's class, two Henrys in DD's class, one Henry and one Harry in DS2's class. Plus a few more outside school.

TasteTheBloodyRainbow Mon 11-Jun-18 22:01:20

I have a Henry. Only other Henry we know is in his 40's.

Notso Mon 11-Jun-18 22:10:56

I've just done some admin for school involving class lists for the whole primary, there is at least one Harry or Henry in every year.
Plus I know one Hoover grin

Backhometothenorth Mon 11-Jun-18 22:13:13

2 Henry's and 6 Harry's in DD's year 1 class

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