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Which do you prefer?

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catalinablue Mon 28-May-18 06:44:15

We have finally decided on Joel Alexander or Spencer Nicholas for a boy, but can't decide on a girls name at all. I think there are almost too many we like (and we like them equally). It's difficult to narrow down the list. We're not sure on middle names yet, maybe we'll use a family name. But, for first names, which of the following do you prefer? smile


ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 28-May-18 06:47:05

Isabelle Lily or Alexandra.

Love Joel.

Ginandplatonic Mon 28-May-18 06:47:40

Alexandra smile

Freyanna Mon 28-May-18 06:48:21

I like all your choices.

Nodney Mon 28-May-18 06:49:17

Alexandra - love it! (Although they're all v nice names!)

AnElderlyLadyOfMediumHeight Mon 28-May-18 06:50:59

I like them all, but I think Elise and Alexandra edge it, partly because I think they are particularly strong and elegant out of your choices, partly because they are more unusual and your dd would be less likely to be in a class with 3 others.

Elise Alexandra would work well, with the addition of a family name if you like.

RoseMartha Mon 28-May-18 07:07:22


Hassled Mon 28-May-18 07:09:40

They're all really pretty names. I think Alexandra is my favourite.

Pudding01 Mon 28-May-18 07:18:55

All beautiful names 🙂

I think Lily would work well as a middle name with Alexandra & Isabelle.

Alexandra Lily
Isabelle Lily (I prefer Isobel)

I've always liked Charlotte too. I don't think I've been much help! 🙈 x

KatnissK Mon 28-May-18 07:20:48

Alexandra is my favourite. Lovely name. And Spencer Nicholas is a brilliant name - I wanted to call DS Spencer but DH didn't like it.

Smarshian Mon 28-May-18 07:22:03

Alexandra or Charlotte are my favourites

Jammycustard Mon 28-May-18 07:30:54

All nice except Lily which is a bit over used now I think.

Charlotte or Alexandra are my favourite.

Argeles Mon 28-May-18 07:32:12


user1498549192 Mon 28-May-18 07:33:15


starsuniteonceagain Mon 28-May-18 07:34:40

Alexandra here too.

lovelyjubilly Mon 28-May-18 07:43:48

Joel and Elise

InkSnail Mon 28-May-18 08:29:05

I like Joel Alexander. Not keen on surnames as first names.

Lily or Alexandra for a girl.

bridgetreilly Mon 28-May-18 08:56:31

In order, I like:
Isabelle, though I much prefer Isabel.

notsolittlegrebe Mon 28-May-18 09:31:54

Alexandra & Joel

daisypond Mon 28-May-18 09:39:01

Alexandra. But I like them all except Charlotte.

BB2018 Mon 28-May-18 09:40:31

Alexandra, but all perfectly nice smile

Britta1 Mon 28-May-18 10:04:49

Alexandra or Elsie

Prefer Joel Alexander from your boys names.

Sametimesameplace Mon 28-May-18 10:07:10

I like them all especially Alexandra

Alpacages Mon 28-May-18 10:13:52

Alexandra and then Elise.
The others are far too popular.

Love Joel and Spencer, great names. Had a friend a few years back who was known as Spen.

Cosmoa Mon 28-May-18 10:28:06

Elise! It's the only name on your list that I've never met a person with the name... And I've always loved that name!

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