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Emmy / Emmie ?

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Frenchiemamax Sat 19-May-18 16:20:38

What do you think (as a full name, not a nn or short for anything else)?

Fifthtimelucky Sat 19-May-18 16:36:16

Emma and Emily are both lovely names. I'd go for one of those and then shorten it as you like.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 19-May-18 16:38:32

Sorry Frenchie bit I’m not a huge fan of shortened names, or pet names, as the full name but then it’s not my baby smile

Stressmess Sat 19-May-18 16:42:29

I know one young girl called Emme and that is her proper name and not a nickname. I think that it is pretty but because it is unusual, you would get a lifetime of people thinking that you are called Emma or Emily.

Frenchiemamax Sat 19-May-18 16:42:55

That seems to be the same reaction I’m getting IRL too. I love Emily but I know a few not-too-nice Emily’s ☹️

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 19-May-18 16:59:21

Agree on your DD having a lifetime of having to spell her name constantly but then I have a pretty standard issue name for the decade I was born and I still have to constantly spell it.

househunthappening Sat 19-May-18 17:28:50

I quite like Emmie OP, but agree with others she will continually be asked whether she is Emma or Emily

bridgetreilly Sat 19-May-18 17:52:26


Frenchiemamax Sat 19-May-18 18:20:29

Love Emmeline but DH not keen, he says it sounds made up hmm

Dermymc Sat 19-May-18 18:21:37

I love Emmeline with a nn Emmy. Boo to your DH!

LetsGoBitches Sat 19-May-18 18:22:33

Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst would beg to differ with your DH.... Maybe on more issues than a name!!

RavenWings Sat 19-May-18 18:30:14

It's a bit infantilising imo. I like it as a toddler nickname but not as a full name for a grown woman.

Emilia, Gemma, Noemi - I think any of those would work with Emmy as a nickname, if they appeal.

mookinsx Sat 19-May-18 18:43:31

I love Emilia or Elizabeth can be Effy as a nn (personally love this one as I'm a sucker for the classic names)

Frenchiemamax Sat 19-May-18 19:01:30

Oh we’ve had the Emmeline argument many times, he knows about Emmeline Pankhurst but I do get his point. I feel most people would think you said Emily if your name was emmeline anyway.

Frenchiemamax Sat 19-May-18 19:01:52

I think Effy is beautiful, it’s DH’s grandmas middle name.

daisypond Sat 19-May-18 19:36:12

I don't like Emmie/Emmy as a standalone name. It's too weak and bland. Emmeline is nice. I know two, both in their mid-20s now.

WaitrosePigeon Sat 19-May-18 19:37:02

I like it and think it’s fine as a name on its own.

AskAuntLydia Sat 19-May-18 19:38:49

Love it as a shortening, but as a proper name, horrible. I hate nearly all shortenings as proper names though.

trueblueari Sat 19-May-18 19:38:50

XH and I considered Esmeralda with nn Emmy.
I'm not too sure about it as a standalone name though.

catalinablue Sun 20-May-18 11:49:51

One of my best friends growing up was named Emmie, not short for anything. I quite like it, and no one ever mistook the name for/as being short for Emily/Emma/Emmeline for the record.

Stressmess Sun 20-May-18 18:22:18

I know an Emmeline too of around 5 and her Mum says that they always have to correct people as everyone thinks that she is called Emily.

happytobemrsg Sun 20-May-18 18:23:29

When I met an Emmie I remember wondering why it wasn't short for anything. But I got used to it and ended up LOVING it

buttercup54321 Sun 20-May-18 19:17:28

They sound like nick names for Emma, Emily or Emeline.

ellalouise90 Tue 22-May-18 18:15:59

I like the spelling Emmie 😃😃

SmokyRobinson Tue 22-May-18 18:20:14

I’ve heard of Emme - pronounced the same as Emmie, but spelled less infantile imo, I love it

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