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What do you think of this name?

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SaturatedFat Thu 26-Apr-18 03:10:43

DH wants to name DD1 Susanna as it has important family links for him but I'm just not sure if I like it or not.

What does the mumsnet jury think?

Madeline18 Thu 26-Apr-18 03:17:52

I actually really like it although I would probably go Annie rather then Susie for a nickname. Susannah is nice too with the h.

flybabyfly Thu 26-Apr-18 03:23:00

I like it! Very underused at the moment but a lovely classic name.

Sophronia Thu 26-Apr-18 03:37:39

It’s one of my favourite girls names smile

AmazingPostVoices Thu 26-Apr-18 03:39:39


user1472377586 Thu 26-Apr-18 03:51:09

I love it.

I prefer the spelling Suzanna.

Awesome name. Was top of our list for a long time.

Pemba Thu 26-Apr-18 04:06:16

Gorgeous name. Lots of nice nicknames you could use too, Susie, Sukie, Zanna etc. Not overused as pp said.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Thu 26-Apr-18 04:09:50

I don’t like it. Makes me think of that awful Kinks song. And annoying women who go by “Suzie”. Very 80s. Just me though. Make it a middle name if you’re not fussed?

FusRoDah Thu 26-Apr-18 05:07:29

Love it, it was on our shortlist for DC1. I like it best without the H on the end.

ElizaDontlittle Thu 26-Apr-18 05:15:11

I like it. Don't use a z though. Lots of shortening and classic enough without being too popular.
What names do you like OP?

kissthealderman Thu 26-Apr-18 05:46:25

Love it.

AnElderlyLadyOfMediumHeight Thu 26-Apr-18 05:53:13

Love it (spelled as you have done). Dislike the shortenings, but there is no rule to say a name has to be shortened.

SinglePringle Thu 26-Apr-18 05:55:03

Love it but spelt the traditional way with the ‘h’ at the end. It’s a beautiful, classic name.

flaggerblasted Thu 26-Apr-18 06:13:59

It's a lovely name

GraceLeeper Thu 26-Apr-18 06:39:04

I like it! It's a very lovely name and very unique.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 26-Apr-18 06:40:54

Like it and love Susie.

Lots of nickname possibilities. I know an adult Anna who’s actuality susanna.

flumpybear Thu 26-Apr-18 06:57:06

Not keen either - I'd agree to middle name

Shadowboy Thu 26-Apr-18 07:00:10

I quite like it. I don’t love it but I don’t think negatively of it.

Ikeameatballs Thu 26-Apr-18 07:07:38

I like it, it was on my list if DS had been a girl.

YoucancallmeVal Thu 26-Apr-18 07:22:44

Lovely name. Susannah is the spelling I prefer. I don't think it's very 80s - I went to school with lots of Suzannes which is a very different name in my opinion.

NumberFrame Thu 26-Apr-18 07:26:14

Really like op and love Suzie as nn too

17caterpillars1mouse Thu 26-Apr-18 07:28:21

Like a PP I like Susanna (Much better with a h) as long as Susie is avoided. I love Annie though

pieceofpurplesky Thu 26-Apr-18 07:34:34

Beautiful name.

pipilangstrumpf Thu 26-Apr-18 08:14:19

Susanna is beautiful. I wouldn't add an h!

RoundaboutSnail Thu 26-Apr-18 08:23:09

It's OK.

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