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Really hope it isn’t an Arthur..

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TeaCoffeeCakeGinWine Mon 23-Apr-18 11:11:40

.. the new royal baby that is. I have an Arthur and have watched it grow in popularity over the last few years. There will be bloody billions of Arthurs everywhere if the royals use it.. lighthearted sort of

FannyHertz Mon 23-Apr-18 11:19:28

Hah I know what you mean!

My ds has a classic but underused name (was 33 registered last year) and every time I see someone suggest it on here I want to shout ‘NO!’ Don’t use it!

I think she’s having a girl anyway 😀

HeyDolly Mon 23-Apr-18 11:35:01

I’m hoping it’s not an Arthur too. Am really struggling with boys names and it’s one of the few contenders on my current list!

frasier Mon 23-Apr-18 11:35:49

Ooh friends just called their baby Arthur. It hadn’t occurred to me!

HeyDolly Mon 23-Apr-18 11:39:45

Hopefully this is just the DM writing shite again! shock

ILikeMyChickenFried Mon 23-Apr-18 11:41:33

Its interesting, the bookies should have no idea about this but they're often pretty right.

Sophronia Mon 23-Apr-18 11:46:23

It might put people off using Arthur as they wouldn’t want people to think they were copying the royals.

HeyDolly Mon 23-Apr-18 11:51:18

That would be my logic Soph but I think George and Charlotte really increased in popularity after Kate & Wills used them.

KarmaStar Mon 23-Apr-18 11:53:24

My granddad name,Arthur,or Art,as he was called,I love the

bbpp Mon 23-Apr-18 12:06:21

I'm thinking the same! It's my No.1 boy name for when I eventually have one, and I don't want to look like I'm copying grin

megletthesecond Mon 23-Apr-18 12:10:43

My grandad was an Arthur. I hope they use it for a boy.

Lokissister Mon 23-Apr-18 12:12:13

Surely they won’t use an ‘eastenders baby’ name?

Dreamingofkfc Mon 23-Apr-18 12:41:56

There are so many Arthur's anyway. I'm a midwife and atm a baby a shift is named Arthur!

Annabelle4 Mon 23-Apr-18 12:43:13

I'm pretty sure that George fell in popularity after the birth of Prince George.

TeaCoffeeCakeGinWine Mon 23-Apr-18 13:08:18

Well it’s a boy...

TeaCoffeeCakeGinWine Mon 23-Apr-18 13:09:26

dream when we named ours Arthur it wasn’t really popular at all, we didn’t know of any. Now, it seems to have exploded in popularity! I’m clearly a trendsetter

Elmersnewfriend Mon 23-Apr-18 13:10:05

How old is yours Tea? We are in the same boat... mine is 9!

Crispbutty Mon 23-Apr-18 13:10:10

That was a quick labour by the sounds of it. Arthur was my granddads name so I like it smile

Orchidflower1 Mon 23-Apr-18 13:11:12

Yep- wonder if they will put George somewhere in his name despite his older brother just to commemorate St. George’s day?

Crispbutty Mon 23-Apr-18 13:12:13

I bet they wish they hadn’t already used George with it being St George’s Day today !

Orchidflower1 Mon 23-Apr-18 13:12:19

I like Arthur too and Albert

Orchidflower1 Mon 23-Apr-18 13:12:47

My thoughts crisp!!

Alltheprettyseahorses Mon 23-Apr-18 13:18:56

Oh no! I really hope it isn't an Arthur! I have an Arthur.

he's a cat though

TeaCoffeeCakeGinWine Mon 23-Apr-18 13:28:37

alltheprettyseahorses I’m pretty sure your cat will be horrified if it’s an Arthur grin or actually, knowing cats, probably just mildly indifferent

TeaCoffeeCakeGinWine Mon 23-Apr-18 13:29:34

Elmers mine’s a similar age to yours. I think it’s something like 30th on the names list now, wasn’t when we picked it

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