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New poll - Arabella, Hermione, Verity

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Ruthshaw1980 Sun 22-Apr-18 10:05:42

Morning all

Following on from your excellent suggestions regarding unusual girl names with at least three syllables, we have whittled our preferred girl names to a final three:


Those of you who contributed may see that two of these names (Verity, Hermione) had previously been discounted by DH but your lists helped to bring these back into focus and change his mind, so your assistence has had a measurable effect!

Consequently, I kindly ask if people could rank these names in order of preference. I cannot decide which of these is my number one. My concern with Arabella, is that she will just be called Bella latter on, which although a lovely nn is quite common now. Regarding Hermione, is this still too Harry Potter-esk?

All contributions will be greatly received.

LoveB Sun 22-Apr-18 10:08:32

Arabella - Bella is a lovely nn
Hermione - too Harry Potter
Verity - meh

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 22-Apr-18 10:21:49

Arabella is in the top 100 so it's not off the scale unusual. She may not be the only one in her class. Mind you you can't guarantee that with any name.
Hermione. Is awful very pretentious.
Verity. Nice pretty name.

redmini4 Sun 22-Apr-18 10:22:43


AnyaMoondial Sun 22-Apr-18 10:32:48

Hermione - fabulous!

bluechameleon Sun 22-Apr-18 10:54:16



IVflytrap Sun 22-Apr-18 11:45:47


JustWanderingAbout Sun 22-Apr-18 11:49:55

Arabella - lovely
Hermione - is nice and unusual
Verity - sounds a bit stuck up

RedDwarves Sun 22-Apr-18 13:00:53

Arabella is beautiful.

I don’t like Hermione or Verity at all. Hermione is far too linked with Harry Potter (I love HP but it’d be like naming a child Severus or Sirius) and Verity is too ferrety.

Peachbubble Sun 22-Apr-18 13:20:17


Not keen on either Hermione or Verity, especially the latter, sorry

LiviaAD Sun 22-Apr-18 13:24:54

I think there is life outside of Harry Potter, Hermione is a very classic name, and stands alone.

Kate123cl Sun 22-Apr-18 13:27:08

Arabella by far the prettiest name
Hermione is ok!
Verity is an awful name imo

TheHandmaidsTail Sun 22-Apr-18 13:28:00

I wanted Hermione for DD1 (aged 9 now) and I still regret not having it. Everyone talking about Harry Potter and no natural shortening meant we discounted it very late in the day. But who gives a shit about HP, It's Greek and Shakespearan too (and I love HP but liked the name in isolation).

Do it!

HeyDolly Sun 22-Apr-18 13:49:27

I love Verity. Hermione is just too associated with Harry Potter for me still. I find Arabella/Bella a bit bland and meh.

DuggeeHugs Sun 22-Apr-18 13:53:29

Love Verity - strong and pretty name
Love Hermione - makes me think of the attributes of the HP character, so smart and brave
Can't stand Arabella

FetchMeMyLatte Sun 22-Apr-18 14:06:26

Verity - My fave. Underrated IMO.
Arabella - Bit too cutesy for me, but it's classical. Think it is the 'Bella' that makes me think cutesy. Arabella as full is nice.
Hermione - I still think Harry Potter, but I know kids nowadays who aren't bothered by the books and don't see it as a big thing compared to adults

Marv1nGay3 Sun 22-Apr-18 14:08:12

I love Verity! The other two not so much.

DramaAlpaca Sun 22-Apr-18 15:02:06

Arabella is the nicest by far IMO.

ICantCopeAnymore Sun 22-Apr-18 15:05:15

Hermione is fantastic. The Harry Potter reference just makes it even better. Who wouldn't want to be associated with such a fabulous character?

Verity is nice.

Arabella is awful, sorry. I've taught lots, and many variations of it. I've also heard it on the playground where children were saying Arabell-end, so that puts me off massively.

BringMeCoffeePlease Sun 22-Apr-18 16:59:32


Verity is awful. It gives me the shivers.

And Hermione is too Harry Potter.

Sophronia Sun 22-Apr-18 17:00:29

I only like Hermione. Verity sounds like “ferrety”.

chicaxe Sun 22-Apr-18 17:00:38

Verity - beautiful name.

oldbirdy Sun 22-Apr-18 17:04:06

Arabella is my least favorite girl's name. I don't know why, exactly, I think the "ara" bit reminds me of arrogant. It brings up the idea of a girl who is snooty and looks down on people who don't have a pony and a brand new "range" for driving on suburban roads.

The other two names are ok. I prefer Verity.

RiceBaby Sun 22-Apr-18 17:10:35

Verity - I could see someone with that name being bery successful.

n0ne Sun 22-Apr-18 17:29:45

Love Verity, Hermione is nice but sounds like you're HP fans, not keen on Arabella.

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