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Sabine / Sabina

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RedDwarves Wed 18-Apr-18 09:45:37

Thoughts? Which is better of the two?

FizzyGreenWater Wed 18-Apr-18 09:55:18

Sabina is better, but I MUCH prefer Sabrina.

Sabine I have heard pronounced Sa-BIN- not good (as in rubbish bin!)

Sabina just doesn't have as much to it as Sabrina, which is great.

AjasLipstick Wed 18-Apr-18 10:00:07

I've never heard Sabine pronounced as Sabin! Not once. I love the name's very pretty.

Sabina not so much as it will constantly be misheard as Sabrina.

AnyaMoondial Wed 18-Apr-18 10:04:31

I much prefer Sabrina which is BRILLIANT as others have said.

Also love Saskia but dh didn't agree sad

NoFucksImAQueen Wed 18-Apr-18 10:05:23

There's a sabria (pronounced sa Brie a)
on my nursing course which I think is a lovely name

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Wed 18-Apr-18 10:06:51

My 10 week old dd is Sabrina. I'm so pleased with her name!!

Winterfield Wed 18-Apr-18 10:07:00

Love both. I think I prefer Sabine, very chic.

TrudeauGirl Wed 18-Apr-18 10:12:11

Sabina is nice, but prefer Sabine. I also LOVE Sabrina.

RedDwarves Wed 18-Apr-18 10:14:24

Weirdly, I'm not as fond of Sabrina. I think it's the teenage witch associations which are stuck in my mind. grin

TrudeauGirl Wed 18-Apr-18 10:16:10

Weirdly, I'm not as fond of Sabrina. I think it's the teenage witch associations

As long as the next children aren't Libby, Zelda or Harvey grin

3stonedown Wed 18-Apr-18 10:20:46

I love Sabine, I think I would use it if I had another DD

TatianaLarina Wed 18-Apr-18 10:22:32

I much prefer Sabrina too.

Sabine will be constantly mispronounced in the UK. It works better in France were it is more common and the pronunciation is clear.

AjasLipstick Wed 18-Apr-18 10:25:17

Maybe my ideas are skewed as I've worked with a number of French and Belgian women called Sabine.

Sadie82 Wed 18-Apr-18 10:33:50

I prefer Sabine, have you thought of Sabrine instead of Sabrina....or does it still have the teenage witch association?

LoveInTokyo Wed 18-Apr-18 10:44:31

I generally dislike French names pronounced by non French speakers (“Ammelly” is a pet hate of mine) but I don’t see how you could mispronounce Sabine.

debka Wed 18-Apr-18 10:47:01

I have a Sabine!
I thought it would be chic.
She is always called Bean or Beanie!

TatianaLarina Wed 18-Apr-18 11:01:32

I don’t see how you could mispronounce Sabine

Anything is possible in the U.K. - I’ve heard it pronounced Sabin as in Cabin and Sayb eye n as in ‘Rape of the Sabine Women’.

RedDwarves Wed 18-Apr-18 12:00:44

I’m not in the UK or France, but I can’t imaginr Sabine being mispronounced here. Granted, I could be wrong, but loads of names have difficult/conflicting pronunciations. Take Eleanor; it could be Ellen-uh or it could be Elle-eh-NORE.

BringMeCoffeePlease Wed 18-Apr-18 15:06:04

I don't like either, sorry. I much prefer Sabrina.

RoundaboutSnail Wed 18-Apr-18 17:18:35

I prefer Sabrina.

If you'd consider similar names, I think Stella, Seraphina, Selina, Serena are nice too.

Cockmagic Wed 18-Apr-18 17:21:00

Sabine reminds me of the video game Fable.

Sabrina, the teenage witch.

Any other ideas?

Glendee Wed 18-Apr-18 17:27:20

I have a Sabine too! We pronounce
it the French ‘sa-been’. Really the only other way people say her name is the German

noenergy Wed 18-Apr-18 17:30:07

I think Sabina is lovely.

Every time I hear Sabrina it makes me think teenage witch too!!

daisypond Wed 18-Apr-18 18:50:25

Sabina is OK, though I think Sabrina is nicer.
Sabine just reminds me of the Rape of the Sabine Women. It was a popular subject back in the day for artists/sculptures, etc - all that ravished/abducted/naked female flesh, and I wouldn't want a daughter called it. Sabine (relating to the ravished women) is pronounced
Say-bye-n (in the dictionary).

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 18-Apr-18 18:55:14

❤️ Sabine, gorgeous name.

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