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Middle name for Seren

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Wait4nothing Mon 19-Mar-18 22:09:47

We’re struggling to decide on a middle name for baby (sex unknown but decided on boys name).
First name Seren.
Dh doesn’t like my favourite - Rose.
Contenders are Elizabeth, Marie, Grace but we’re not convinced on any of them. Any opinions/other suggestions welcome.
(We don’t want a welsh middle name - dd1 has a welsh first name and ‘English’ Middle name and we’d like the same for this one)

LastNightsMakeUp Mon 19-Mar-18 22:12:04

Seren Victoria - I love Victoria as a middle name, classic, regal and really breaks the first name and surname up

MikeUniformMike Mon 19-Mar-18 22:12:24


Sophronia Mon 19-Mar-18 22:28:19

Seren Alice
Seren Kate
Seren Beatrice
Seren Joy
Seren Blythe
Seren Eve
Seren Fleur
Seren Hope
Seren Isabel
Seren Hannah
Seren Jane
Seren Lily
Seren Matilda
Seren Alexandra
Seren June
Seren Ruth
Seren Faye
Seren Pearl
Seren Violet
Seren Willow
Seren Rebecca
Seren Emily
Seren Juliet
Seren Lucy
Seren Jasmine
Seren Olivia
Seren Martha
Seren Ivy
Seren Faith

ReversingSnail Mon 19-Mar-18 23:00:03

Seren Holly
Seren Georgina
Seren Elise
Seren Harriet
Seren Iris
Seren Lucy
Seren Alicia
Seren Miranda
Seren Olivia

BoofayTheOompaLoompaSlayer Mon 19-Mar-18 23:19:12

Seren is a Welsh name. How about Seren Eleri?

HeddaGarbled Mon 19-Mar-18 23:22:19


littlemisscomper Mon 19-Mar-18 23:23:51

If your DH doesn't like Rose but you do, maybe a lengthened version? Rosamunde, Rosalind, Rosabelle or Roseanna?

Aquamarine1029 Mon 19-Mar-18 23:32:11

Seren Amelia

RosieCotton Tue 20-Mar-18 00:31:27

Anne. Its my middle name and hugely underrated. I love my middle name, I tried for years to convince people it was my forename.

Snowysky20009 Tue 20-Mar-18 00:33:45


GinIsIn Tue 20-Mar-18 00:43:44

Seren Joy

Wait4nothing Tue 20-Mar-18 15:17:43

Thank you - I do like Seren Victoria but it sounds like quite a mouthful in comparison to our dd.
We had another look after posting last night - opinions on Seren Rae? I like the shortness and R like rose. Not as traditional but dd1s isn’t.

Wait4nothing Tue 20-Mar-18 15:18:23

I like Anne but not sure of the ‘n’ sound after the ending of seren.

Wait4nothing Tue 20-Mar-18 15:19:41

Dh also likes eve but I can only think of Christmas Eve - daft I know but that’s what comes to mind.
Not sure on joy. We’ve discussed June as a family name but not sure it sounds right (think it may be the n sound like Anne)

Chilver Tue 20-Mar-18 15:20:51

Seren Ophelia

JollyGiraffe Tue 20-Mar-18 15:27:06

Anne is a great middle name but agree maybe not with Seren- sounds a bit like Suriname!

I like Grace and Marie from your list - Marie was the first one that came to my mind.

I also thought of Elise for some reason, but again not sure if it flows too well with Seren. Just seen another poster also suggested it!

Not a fan of Rae but I do like Rose.

Other short R options....
Seren Rosa
Seren Remy
Seren Romy
Seren Rhea
Seren River (maybe a bit 'out there' but I actually quite like it!)

IVflytrap Tue 20-Mar-18 15:34:01

Seren Julia
Seren Jemima
Seren Camille
Seren Marissa
Seren Josephine
Seren Millicent
Seren Tamara
Seren Paula
Seren Louisa

brewsandbooks Tue 20-Mar-18 15:34:39

Seren Leigh

ladybirdsaredotty Tue 20-Mar-18 16:50:06

Ooh I like Seren Josephine! And Seren Grace. Seren Matilda? Seren Violet?

Ontopofthesunset Tue 20-Mar-18 16:56:02

I know Seren is a Welsh name but all I can think of is Dipity or Ity. Which isn't helpful.

I always suggest family names for middle names as no one ever really uses them and it can be a nice way to remember someone - my children like the fact their middle names 'mean' something.

user1498549192 Tue 20-Mar-18 16:56:54


FizzyGreenWater Tue 20-Mar-18 16:59:00

Yes to short

Seren Faye
Seren Joy
Seren Belle

chezmk1988 Tue 20-Mar-18 22:34:43

Seren Estelle
Seren Nova

jigsawpiece Wed 21-Mar-18 08:16:33

I think Rose goes very well. Could your husband be persuaded on Rosa perhaps?

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