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Hero for a boy?

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sadiesnakes Sun 18-Mar-18 02:54:27

I know Myleene Klass called her little girl Hero?. Is it too pretentious/ celebrity?

DramaAlpaca Sun 18-Mar-18 02:59:40

Bizarrely it's a girls' name, so not OK for a boy. I've never met one but have come across it in novels.

I don't mind it, it's in the same vein as Juno, but it really isn't a boys' name.

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Sun 18-Mar-18 03:15:17

Well, it's a girl's name but that doesn't necessarily matter. There's a male train on Thomas the Tank Engine called Hiro which is pronounced the same way...

Worlds0kayestmum Sun 18-Mar-18 03:18:43

I think of it as a girls name. There's a female character in Shakespeare's Much Ado called Hero and I would find it odd to hear it as a boy's name to be honest

BitOfFun Sun 18-Mar-18 03:41:42

No, definitely not. It would just look like you didn't know it was a classical reference to a female character, and (worse) that you wanted to announce your child as the second coming.

Justanotherzombie Sun 18-Mar-18 03:47:33

It is a VERY common boy's name actually. In Japan. It's used for the eldest son very regularly.

Justanotherzombie Sun 18-Mar-18 03:48:59

Sorry Hiro is I mean. Not Hero.

sadiesnakes Sun 18-Mar-18 03:52:13

Yes I see it's spelt Hiro and very popular in Japan! I think it's still pronounced Hero?

Mrstwiddle Sun 18-Mar-18 03:54:27

Yes, I know a Hiro and it’s pronounced Hero. Personally, I think there’s too much potential of getting mocked for a boy. On a girl, I quite like it.

SandLand Sun 18-Mar-18 05:07:18

I know a Hiro (sounds like Hero). He's lovely.

StinkPickle Sun 18-Mar-18 05:13:39

Imagine it on a weedy bespeckled boy with his head in a book and then imagine how cruel other kids are.

HuskyMcClusky Sun 18-Mar-18 05:24:50

It’s a girls’ name. Even then, it’s too much to line up to.

Sleephead1 Sun 18-Mar-18 06:07:50

it reminds me of Thomas the tank there is a engine called hiro master of the rails but it is pronounced hero.

DullAndOld Sun 18-Mar-18 06:10:48

hm seems a bit of a massive expectation built into the name, and a bit of a set up for mockery.
If you like boys' names ending in O there are lots of lovely names like Cosmo or Arlo...

SuperBeagle Sun 18-Mar-18 06:14:14

Definitely a girls' name. Either way, too try hard.

Dixiestampsagain Sun 18-Mar-18 09:05:13

Agree with PP that it just says Thomas the Tank to me!

Dalg Sun 18-Mar-18 09:23:04

It makes me think of the boy in Big Hero Six. I think he is Hiro. I had never heard the name until I saw that movie. It is a lovely name.

AlbertaSimmons Sun 18-Mar-18 09:26:28

It’s a girl’s name. It would be exactly the same as calling a boy Charlotte. Why would you do it? It’s not gender neutral.

TatianaLarina Sun 18-Mar-18 09:48:00

Love it for a girl. I knew a Hero at school.

For a boy a) it’s a girl’s name and b) it’s a lot to live up to.

TatianaLarina Sun 18-Mar-18 09:50:13

Either way, too try hard

Or to put it another way: ‘I’m conventional you should to be conventional too’.

RavenWings Sun 18-Mar-18 13:29:45

I agree that it sets up a certain expectation for the child.

Hero - no, just looks like you don't know it's a female name.
Hiro - I actually like it, but it might be a bit odd if you've no Japanese connection.

MikeUniformMike Sun 18-Mar-18 19:39:58

I think it's dreadful. How about Horatio?

MammieBear Sun 18-Mar-18 19:44:18

Popular boy name in Japan.

nancy75 Sun 18-Mar-18 19:45:02

I went to school with a boy called Hiro but his family we're Japanese

pimlicolife Sun 18-Mar-18 19:47:45

Too much potential for piss taking. Be kind and don't do it!

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