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chezmk1988 Sat 17-Mar-18 23:58:59


Harebellmeadow Sun 18-Mar-18 00:17:55

I know quite a few older German ladies with this name - was popular in the 60s and 70s and often shortened to Uschi. So to me it is semi-vintage and a certain age group.

wrimad Sun 18-Mar-18 00:38:56

I love it. It was on my list but vetoed by husband. I think it’s beautiful

SneakyGremlins Sun 18-Mar-18 00:41:19

I like it. Any chance of a twin called Phoebe? grin

HuskyMcClusky Sun 18-Mar-18 00:43:03

Honestly, I think it’s very ugly.

TheQueenOfWands Sun 18-Mar-18 00:43:45

Quite a few 'baddies' have the name Ursula.

Phoebe Buffay's twin, Sister Ursula in CTM and there's obviously the Sea Witch in The Little Mermaid.

Maybe this is a chance to reclaim it?

I actually think it's a very cute little girl's name.

IVflytrap Sun 18-Mar-18 00:44:01

Not so keen on the sound, but I love the meaning ("little bear") smile

dontticklethetoad Sun 18-Mar-18 00:44:48

Sorry, makes me think 'fat, sea witch'.

SadSongsAndWaltzes Sun 18-Mar-18 00:46:00

I love it, and it was on my list for our dd. Didn't use it in the end and I sort of regret it. I love the meaning too.

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Sun 18-Mar-18 00:52:05

So nice to have a name with a bit of gravitas! So much better than the cutesy sugar sweet names that are popular at the moment, I think it’s a lovely name, the sort of name that commands a bit of respect!

RachelTeeth Sun 18-Mar-18 00:53:19

I find it really really ugly, could just be my gross accent ‘Ursla’ but it looks horrible written down too.

AnyaMoondial Sun 18-Mar-18 02:42:29

Honestly I think it's fabulous.

FairyFantastic Sun 18-Mar-18 02:45:21

'Poor Unfortunate Souls' is now going through my head...

DramaAlpaca Sun 18-Mar-18 02:46:00

Sorry but I find it utterly hideous.

Octave777 Sun 18-Mar-18 03:25:55

Not sure sorry.

SuperBeagle Sun 18-Mar-18 06:19:30

Truly awful. One of the worst names in existence.

soundsystem Sun 18-Mar-18 06:25:28

I really dislike it, although that’s just because the only one I’ve ever met was a pretty horrible person!

Zampa Sun 18-Mar-18 06:28:20

I love it. It's a gorgeous, unusual name. Sadly, DH didn't like it. It does seem to be a very Marmite name.

IMO much, much nicer than Amelia, Olivia et al (not bad names per se but but very exciting).

ToftheB Sun 18-Mar-18 06:29:01

I really like it. I love the ‘little bear’ meaning - it’s cute without being saccharine, and great for both a child and a grown woman.

It’s on my list, if I ever have a girl.

KatnissK Sun 18-Mar-18 06:30:51

I have taught a (teenage) Ursula quite recently. I like it but always makes me think of The Little Mermaid and I end up singing 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' in my head.

MauriceTheSpaceCowboy Sun 18-Mar-18 06:45:26

Sorry but I absolutely hate it.

Sounds ugl, and makes everybody think of the sea witch.

Close friend named her child ursula: we’ve all been polite and supportive about it, but everybody secretly hates it and has commented (without telling the parents obv) that it’s pretty much the worst girls name there is.

Snipples Sun 18-Mar-18 06:49:07

First thought is genuinely - the sea witch. I'm not a fan sorry

MsGameandWatching Sun 18-Mar-18 06:54:01

I had a friend at school who had it as a middle name and would never tell anyone as she hated it so much. I think it would be a difficult name to carry off and I wouldn't saddle my child with it.

SrDuess Sun 18-Mar-18 06:54:04

No No No No No! It's hideous!

IfyouseeRitaMoreno Sun 18-Mar-18 06:56:07

Don’t like it. Sorry.

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