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SpongeCake23 Sat 10-Mar-18 19:50:25

What do you think of it? I've worked in many schools over the years both south and north of the country and only ever come across one Archie!

It's a Scottish name originally and my partner's family are Scottish.

I always loved it after watching the TV programme on Sunday evenings called Monarch of the Glen and there was an Archie in that ♥️

bridgetreilly Sat 10-Mar-18 21:56:01

I know an Archie. Great name.

VioletCharlotte Sat 10-Mar-18 22:12:08

It's nice. Ds2 is 16 and there's 3 or 4 Archie's in his year.

allthegoodusernameshavegone Sat 10-Mar-18 22:17:05

Gorgeous name as was the guy in monarch of the glen, I know a few all early teens now.

EhWhatPardon Sat 10-Mar-18 22:19:21

I have an Archie who is 13. I always loved the name since my grandma talked about her family in Scotland. My oldest son has a "Campbell" name too.

RumAppleGinger Sat 10-Mar-18 22:20:00

I live in Scotland and have my own Archie. I think i maybe know another 3 Archie's at my son's school, and one dog with the same name. I still love the name and am glad we used it for DS1.

FairyFantastic Sat 10-Mar-18 23:34:21

I don't like it but then again I grew up with Balamory...but if you like it go for it! I like the connection with your DP's family, and you sound like you really love it so go for it smile

SnowShow1 Sun 11-Mar-18 07:33:53

I teach and i have come across a fair few. Not really really popular but heard of.

Also Archer to consider...

LoveEricLove Sun 11-Mar-18 07:35:31

I know quite a few young Archies.

pipilangstrumpf Sun 11-Mar-18 07:35:58

I really don't like it, it sounds too cutesy and I hate the full name Archibald.

SnowShow1 Sun 11-Mar-18 07:37:18

Though it is actually inside the top 20 list. Popularity doesn't bother me- if you like it go for it wink

DownstairsMixUp Sun 11-Mar-18 07:38:24

Yes it's a lovely name

sonlypuppyfat Sun 11-Mar-18 07:40:06

Every other kid and dog is called archie by me, I don't like it

FreshHorizons Sun 11-Mar-18 07:43:37

It seems very popular at the moment and I know 4 under 5 yr olds. I never see them without thinking Archibald. I don't know why it is so popular.

91bees Sun 11-Mar-18 07:48:52

I love the name, there's only 2 in DCs primary school so not too common, though I suppose it depends where you live.

missmorleyme Sun 11-Mar-18 07:48:55

My nephew has a full head of red hair and his name is archie ans l think it suits him more. For some reason when i picture an archie its either someone with glasses on or red hair. I love the name.

KatnissK Sun 11-Mar-18 09:02:31

In my area it's very popular- I have taught many an Archie! They are usually quite lively characters!

Kokeshi123 Sun 11-Mar-18 11:25:09

For some reason when i picture an archie its either someone with glasses on or red hair.

Maybe you are thinking of the Little Archie comics?

Archer is nice as a full name.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 11-Mar-18 11:26:32

I like Archie.

NC4Now Sun 11-Mar-18 11:32:37

Its popular around here. I know four.
It’s a nice name though.

chezmk1988 Sun 11-Mar-18 12:46:54

Nice but popular like Alfie

SpongeCake23 Mon 12-Mar-18 16:05:21

I've barely heard it in the schools I've worked in...but I guess it depends on area.

mamahanji Mon 12-Mar-18 18:22:33

Its cute. There's about 7 I know of. It's very popular here.

lecossaise Mon 12-Mar-18 18:30:42

It always makes me picture Archie MacPherson.

Ancientmummyofwooooos Mon 12-Mar-18 18:32:03

I like Archie (i have a little red headed Archie of my own) but Archer is a lovely alternative too.

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