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lilytup Thu 22-Feb-18 23:46:42

Does anybody like this for a girl? smile

LovelyBranches Thu 22-Feb-18 23:53:17

I know a three year old Devon and it’s really grown on me

StickStickStickStick Thu 22-Feb-18 23:56:01

I don't as we visit Devon often so to me it would be like calling a child Dorset or London...

wilts09 Fri 23-Feb-18 00:00:42

It's ok. I know someone with middle name Devon and I know a boy called Devon x

Shmithecat Fri 23-Feb-18 00:02:37

The old bloke out of Knight Rider.

NotCornflakes Fri 23-Feb-18 00:04:04

I like it but would think it was a boy's name.

holasoydora Fri 23-Feb-18 00:21:38

I knew a girl called Devon when I was little. I like it. She had a very normal classic middle name which worked well.

PastaOfMuppets Fri 23-Feb-18 00:35:14

It would make me think of Devon Sawa ... who sadly hasn't aged all that well, he was so cute in the 90s

It is also used in parts of Australia as a name for processed deli meat. Not sure what you call it in the UK - luncheon meat?

LilQueenie Fri 23-Feb-18 00:38:49

I love it especially as a girls name.

frasier Fri 23-Feb-18 00:53:28


SuperBeagle Fri 23-Feb-18 00:58:05

Devon is a deli meat in Australia. Commonly put on white bread with tomato sauce and given to kids.

Rancid stuff.

So no, I don't like it.

ChocolateCrunch Fri 23-Feb-18 03:13:14

I'd think it was a boy's name

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