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bumba27 Thu 22-Feb-18 06:22:31

Me and my partner are expecting a baby girl in July. We both love the names Amelia and Mia however I lean more one way and he does the other. Her middle name is after his late mother Donna. He likes Mia more as it is like "My Donna" and I love the idea however I think I still prefer the name Amelia.


SilverBirchTree Thu 22-Feb-18 06:25:23

Both lovely

I feel like there are a lot of Mias running around so that makes me lean towards Amelia. You could name her Amelia and then call her Mia, so I’m terms of it sounding like ‘my donna’ it would still work.

Lovely meaningful choices! Congrats x

Mysa74 Thu 22-Feb-18 06:29:24

Its not easy, is it? If he chose the middle name you should get to choose the other, you're doing the hard bit after all... How do the names go with your surname? Write them down in full and try talking about baby as if she's a teenager, see what you think then...

Cosmoa Thu 22-Feb-18 07:25:21

Mia is a popular nn for Amelia, so you can go for both!

MammieBear Thu 22-Feb-18 07:26:03

I think Mia Donna sounds better

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 07:26:38

Two of the Amelias I know use Mia as a NN.

How is Mia like 'My Donna'?

NameChangeDestroyer Thu 22-Feb-18 07:42:27

Mia Donna translates as 'My woman/lady' in italian

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 08:48:23

I was wondering if the H was pronouncing it Mya...

SuperBeagle Thu 22-Feb-18 09:00:52

Use Amelia with Mia as a nickname/abbreviation. It's quite common. The Mia in The Princess Diaries was an Amelia. smile

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 22-Feb-18 10:21:59

Amelia Donna (Mia).

blinkineckmum Thu 22-Feb-18 22:20:22

Mia Donna is very sweet. I'm not keen on Amelia personally.

Joeybee Fri 23-Feb-18 05:12:09

I think go with Amelia, it goes better with the middle name. Plus if you're honouring someone from his family with the middle name then I'd say you get to pick the first name. Mia doesn't flow as well with the middle name. Also you can get more nicknames with Amelia, it's less plain and I don't think will become as dated as Mia will.

Homebird8 Fri 23-Feb-18 05:24:53

There will be people who read Mia and don’t know whether to say M-eye-a or M-ee-a. Amelia gets round that and you can still have a verbal nickname.

Shirleysomemistake Fri 23-Feb-18 07:33:03

Donna means “woman” in Italian. So MIa Donna Smith for instance also comes across as ‘my woman Smith’

mondler Fri 23-Feb-18 18:13:24

I always thought Mia was pronounced M-ee-a but I don't know any so that's probably why. I like the other's suggestions of having Amelia and shortening it so that way you both get to 'win'. Just check the 'A' letter goes alright with your surname!

DramaAlpaca Fri 23-Feb-18 18:15:00

Like others have suggested, you could have Amelia nn Mia.

Lemonnaise Fri 23-Feb-18 19:21:54

Laoise (Lee-sha)

Lemonnaise Fri 23-Feb-18 19:22:26

Ooops sorry wrong thread

upsideup Fri 23-Feb-18 19:27:54

How about Mila? A combination of them both or I would go for Amelia as you could still have Mia as a nn as well as other options. Mia cants really be shortened to anything.

Mrsknackered Fri 23-Feb-18 19:31:48

Another one who knows a Amelia NN Mia.

I prefer Mia though

LoveInTokyo Fri 23-Feb-18 19:37:01

Amelia on BC, nn Mia. Then you both get your way.

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