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Name maximus?

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Incywincyteenyweeny Sun 18-Feb-18 21:03:05

Just what it says in the title?
Very honest opinions welcome on
Maximus for a baby boy. Maxi/max for short. What do you think when you hear this name?
Thank you.

84CharingCrossRoad Sun 18-Feb-18 21:05:06


formerbabe Sun 18-Feb-18 21:05:58

I quite like Max.

Maximus is nice enough...quite posh sounding I think.

I prefer's a little more cool/modern.

Geronimoleapinglizards Sun 18-Feb-18 21:08:26

I met a lovely Maximus the other day who absolutely owned the name. He was about 4

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 18-Feb-18 21:09:19

It'll probably be OK. By the time he starts school, there might be other kids called Julius, Claudius etc.

At least it's not Caecilius.

Nameme17 Sun 18-Feb-18 21:10:52

It's nice.
It can't be worst than was actually pronounced this way! Emphasis on the r. I live in the back of beyond but young mums feel the need to out do each other with the most original names they can find.

Incywincyteenyweeny Sun 18-Feb-18 21:15:02

My first dc has a fairly average name and I don’t want our of the ordinary it wouldn’t go.
Does maximus sound like we are trying to be different? As this wasn’t want we are wanting to portray. I don’t think maxiumus is really out there, but then there are not many around so maybe it is....

Nameme17 Sun 18-Feb-18 21:23:03

You should pick what you like, far to many ppl trying to pick 'unique' names they think nobody has (until they realise there's 4 bluebells in bluebells class). Maximus will sound pretty ordinary amongst all the others out there. Mine have traditional names...and they are the ONLY ones in my area with those names! Ppl look at me weirdly and ask why I gave them those names!?!? Didn't I want to be different is a constant question...well obviously I've ended up being different by just being ordinary!

HildaZelda Sun 18-Feb-18 21:33:02

Not my cup of tea personally. My friend has a Maximillion (pronounced Max-a-MEE-yon) He usually goes by Max.

ScreamingValenta Sun 18-Feb-18 21:33:51

Love it.

shesthemama Sun 18-Feb-18 21:36:05

I love this name!! It's on our list of names for baby number 2 grin

PuntCuffin Sun 18-Feb-18 21:37:18

As long as you don't follow it with Decimus Meridius.

DS is at school with at least one Maximus who is not abbreviated to Max. And there are several others known as Max, so you won't necessarily be a bow wave if that is what you are looking for.

D78L Sun 18-Feb-18 21:55:43

My 6yr old is such a fussy eater, when I have put something new on his plate to try he panics and cries until I have took it away, any ideas of what I could do?

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 18-Feb-18 21:57:49

D78L you'll get more responses if you start a new thread

FrozenMargarita17 Sun 18-Feb-18 21:58:30

My nephew is maximus and we call him max 😊

NorthernLurker Sun 18-Feb-18 22:15:36

I know a Maximus abbreviated to Max too. Much better than Maxwell or Maximilian imo. It's a nice, 'proper' name with a very usable 'short'.

Cosmoa Sun 18-Feb-18 22:17:01

Lovely name 😊 it's not out there.. But not popular either which is nice! It's like kind of like Alexander.. It's just not as commonly used so maybe that's what makes people less brave to use it?

BlackberryandNettle Sun 18-Feb-18 22:22:36

I like it.

calzone Sun 18-Feb-18 23:14:23

My ds (16) is just Max but wishes we had called him Maximus which we nearly did.

I wish we had as well.

I do call him Maxi or Macca most days.

Max is the best name and he loves it.

HoratioNightboy Sun 18-Feb-18 23:18:55

I love it - it's my cat's middle name! grin

Jojobibs2102 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:28:09

Love the name my personal trainer at the gyms son is call maximum and suits him and what did Dad does for a living makes sence x

squoosh Mon 19-Feb-18 19:33:47

The joke will be on Maximus if he turns out to be of puny build.

Max is nice but Maximus is a bit silly.

Mrsknackered Mon 19-Feb-18 22:45:16

I like Maxim and Maxwell. I think Maximus is a bit too much BUT Cassius was a very close contender for DS1, so I can't talk!

pipilangstrumpf Mon 19-Feb-18 22:55:57

What if Maximus turns out really big?

TulipsInABlueVase Mon 19-Feb-18 22:59:28

I agree that Max is nice but Maximus is silly. It sounds like someone's weird attempt at naming a baby after a superhero.

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