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Can a white girl be called Indira? Is Indie now really popular because of India/Indie/Indigo/Indiana

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thamesk8 Sat 10-Feb-18 17:37:07

Third girlie is here! Name is not!!!

IVflytrap Sat 10-Feb-18 22:28:46

Congratulations! I would go with either Indigo, or simply Indie. smile

blatblatblat Sat 10-Feb-18 23:37:13

My hairdresser is called Indira and she's white (Swiss Italian heritage iirc). She's also very nice and excellent at cutting hair smile.

blatblatblat Sat 10-Feb-18 23:37:30

And congratulations!

greatpotential Sun 11-Feb-18 04:51:18

It's a beautiful name, but anyone Indian will assume you have an Indian connection. Name of one of their longest standing (and assassinated confused) PMs. A bit like calling your child after maggie thatcher?

MikeUniformMike Sun 11-Feb-18 13:46:07

I know a Spanish Indira.

floriad Sun 11-Feb-18 14:36:40

Irina / Irena?

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