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Help us pick a name for Liam’s brother!

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Dexmo30 Mon 29-Jan-18 01:58:50

Our first sons name is Liam Sebastian. We love it for a lot of reasons. Hubby is Irish, both names have nice meanings, and Sebastian is a family name on my side. Sadly, this time around nothing is standing out. For a girl I’m set on Fiona.

Here is what we like so far.

Graham: we live in the US people say it gram which I know is not the case many places.
Oliver: Liam’s almost name. It’s so popular and I don’t want another top ten name preferably.
Owen: same problem as Oliver
Callum: is this too similar to Liam? Cause I love it with the nick name Cal.
Charles: my husband is insistent on calling him Chuck. I can’t let that happen!
Jack: not my husbands favorite but I love it.

Which, if any, of these do you like with Liam? If you could suggest some others we might like I would greatly appreciate it! We prefer non-biblical names and don’t care for gender neutral names either.


WheresTheEvidence Mon 29-Jan-18 01:59:31

Noel grin

picturesofthenight Mon 29-Jan-18 02:04:31

I think Noel goes with Liam. They sound great together.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 29-Jan-18 02:06:56

Cameron - Cam

Is Oliver a top ten in the US?

I think Callum too similar. Both um sound.

Dexmo30 Mon 29-Jan-18 02:10:17

Noel is pronounced No-elle here and only used on girls. :/
Oliver was #3 in my state last year.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 29-Jan-18 02:12:24


SheGotBetteDavisEyes Mon 29-Jan-18 02:14:18

I like Jack the most out of your list. I've never shared the great love for Oliver, and Owen leaves me a bit cold as well. Callum is too similar, in my view.


Greensleeves Mon 29-Jan-18 02:20:16

Oliver will get shortened to Ollie, you can't have two "li" sounds

I like Jack but it's very popular.

My suggestions:

Billy (Liam and Billy both short for William)

Dexmo30 Mon 29-Jan-18 02:20:34

For those who think Callum is too similar. Would Callan be a good alternative to Callum? Is it too contrived?

Greensleeves Mon 29-Jan-18 02:23:44

I think Callan does sound a bit made up

How about Connor, or Cillian, or Cameron, or Ciaran, or Christy, or Cory?

frozenlake Mon 29-Jan-18 02:29:29

Colmac ?

Dexmo30 Mon 29-Jan-18 02:34:11

We have considered Kieran. I do like that one a lot. Ciaran probably wouldn’t be pronounced correctly by most Americans.

Alorralorralaughs1 Mon 29-Jan-18 02:35:20


SnowGoArea Mon 29-Jan-18 02:41:53

From your list I like Jack and Callum. If he generally went by Cal then I'm not sure it would matter that much. Other suggestions:

DaisyDando Mon 29-Jan-18 02:57:35

Niall is nice.

FannyWisdom Mon 29-Jan-18 03:09:06

Their other DS is called Noel Evidence OP didn't want outing.

Saffronwblue Mon 29-Jan-18 03:16:16

I know a family with Liam and Max.

junebirthdaygirl Mon 29-Jan-18 04:23:54

Liam is lrish so be nice to stay with lrish. And not Billy as same name.
Owen in lrish is Eoin or Eoghan..prounced the same
Ciaran ( keyrawn) is lrish for Kieran
Tadhg lrish for Timothy
Sean..lrish for John and Jack
Oisin( usheen)

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 29-Jan-18 08:35:51

I would use Callum.
Liam and Callum sound fine !

Namethecat Mon 29-Jan-18 08:43:20


GreatDuckCookery Mon 29-Jan-18 09:54:26

Oliver is the best from your list.

Fakingit36 Mon 29-Jan-18 11:28:44


SpottyBrolly Mon 29-Jan-18 11:30:53

I think Jack/Jacky, Christy or Callum sound nice I also think Seamus or Edna would work if you wanted something a bit different.

Annabelle4 Mon 29-Jan-18 11:31:33


SpottyBrolly Mon 29-Jan-18 11:31:49

Silly autocorrect that should need Enda.

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