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Honest opinions on these girls names?

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jellycrumble Tue 23-Jan-18 20:39:22

Found out we're having a baby girl! We were pretty convinced we were having a little boy so we focused more on boys names oops blush I've always had trouble thinking of girls names, but here is our shortlist (surname is similar to Jones):

Amelia Eva Jones
Scarlett Eva Jones
Mimi Evelyn Jones
Darcy Willow Jones
Emmy ... Something Jones (Eva doesn't quite go!)

(Eva is DPs grandmother btw but not all names work with Eva) Thanks for your input!

cheshiremama89 Tue 23-Jan-18 20:43:29

Mimi Evelyn is BEAUTIFUL thanks

user1472334322 Tue 23-Jan-18 20:45:04

I love Scarlett, but that's probably because my friend has a 3 year old Scarlett and she's the funniest, most delightful little character. I therefore associate the name with her and her happy personality. She's also ds2's best friend!

flybabyfly Tue 23-Jan-18 20:52:29

I love Emmy! How about Emmy Evelyn?

Dscarl07 Tue 23-Jan-18 20:53:55

Scarlett or Amelia smile

Smoliver Tue 23-Jan-18 20:59:27

I like Scarlett and Emmy. What about Emmy Willow?

greendale17 Tue 23-Jan-18 21:00:47

Don’t like Mimi at all

Fekko Tue 23-Jan-18 21:02:42

Mimi Evelyn - I worked with one! She was from Thailand. Smoked like a chimney...

Mimi sounds like it should be short for something - Miriam?

Yvest Tue 23-Jan-18 21:03:06

I cant stand Scarlett or Darcy

RavenWings Tue 23-Jan-18 21:07:08

Amelia Eva Jones - This is a really nice combo. However if popularity bothers you it's not good as Amelia and Eva are v v popular.

Scarlett Eva Jones - this is also nice, ime Scarlett is rarer as well.

Mimi Evelyn Jones - no, I think of Mimi as a name for a 90 year old, a toddler nickname or a Chihuahua.

Darcy Willow Jones - I like this too. However I did really like the nod to the grandmother named Eva! I think Darcy Eva is nice.

Emmy ... Something Jones - Emmy Francesca? Emmy Hazel? Emmy Susanna? Emmy Willow? Emmy Vivienne? Emmy Rosanna? Emmy Iris?

Emmy could also be a nickname for Imogen, if you like that. I think Imogen Eva is beautiful.

AfterSchoolWorry Tue 23-Jan-18 21:07:59

The only one I like is Willow. Mimi is cute enough.

The rest are over popular, especially Darcy, don't do it.

Eva, Amelia, Emmy = blah.

EmmaC78 Tue 23-Jan-18 21:48:52

Amelia, the rest are OK except Emmy which I have an irrational dislike for.

moreismore Tue 23-Jan-18 21:54:30

Amelia Evelyn? It stops it being so ‘rhyme-y’ which is the only thing that was putting me off! Prob depends how you pronounce the first syllable of Evelyn tho...

Coey2016 Tue 23-Jan-18 21:56:21

I like Scarlett and Darcy best.

marmitecrumpets Tue 23-Jan-18 21:59:10

I love Darcy Willow

user1466690252 Tue 23-Jan-18 21:59:18

I know of 4 little Mimi's born recently. I think ot could become a new popular one.

How about Penelope?

Mycarsmellsoflavender Tue 23-Jan-18 22:04:45

Mimi can be a nickname for Amelia.

ErskineMay Tue 23-Jan-18 22:05:04

Emmy could be short for Emmeline wh Ch is a great strong feminist name (think Pankhurst).

I hate Darcy, it is to the 00s what Sharon and Tracey were to the 80s.

meettherussians Tue 23-Jan-18 22:05:56

All your names are far far too cutsey for me, sorry but you asked. Loads of Darcey's around here (SW London).

nooka Tue 23-Jan-18 22:10:58

Emmy and Mimi are nicknames to me so I'd pick something more substantive and only use the nickname when it suits/appeals to your dd (great for a toddler but might not be as she grows up). also a longer first name would mean you could still use Eva.

Emmeline Eva Jones
Miriam Eva Jones (or maybe Jemima or Miranda)

Of course you could go for Amelia and have both Mimi and Emmy as nicknames.

MancUnicorn Wed 24-Jan-18 00:11:47

I agree with Mycarsmellsoflavender that Mimi would be a lovely nickname for Amelia. That gets my vote x

manicinsomniac Wed 24-Jan-18 03:08:32

I've only ever known two girls called Mimi and both of them were really Miranda. Given that Miranda's not exactly a common name, I assume Mimi is a standard shortening of it.
I think Miranda Evelyn nn Mimi is beautiful.

I don't like Amelia and am not particularly keen on Scarlett.

I like Darcy (prefer it with an e for some unknown reason) and I think Emmy is fine as a nickname for Emmeline, Emily or Emilia.

sycamore54321 Wed 24-Jan-18 03:39:03

Scarlett Jones looks a bit like a Scarlet Johansen tribute act.

Could you make Evelyn the first name? For me, it's by far the best of your list. The others are very insubstantial and cutesy.

EssentialHummus Wed 24-Jan-18 03:51:31

DARcy Eva for me, not keen on the others. I don’t know any Darcys, despite being in the middle of a baby boom.

AstridWhite Wed 24-Jan-18 04:20:09

Mimi sounds like it should be short for something and so does Emmy. If you like Amelia then how about:

Emilia (as in Clarke, Fox etc)

Emmelia (notice its an e in the middle, not an I with this one)

or Emmeliana

and use either Mimi or Emmy as nickname.

Emelia Eva works fine.

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