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What do you think of the name Alec?

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rosebb1 Sat 13-Jan-18 10:07:11

Trying to think of a name for dc3 and struggling with boys names. We quite like Alec...seems a classic name, strong, not very popular (in a good way) and ds2 loves it!!

What do you think?

LinoleumBlownapart Sat 13-Jan-18 10:08:27

I like it

Fabellini Sat 13-Jan-18 10:09:57

It’s a diminutive of Alexander. I wouldn’t consider it a name in its own right iykwim?

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 13-Jan-18 10:15:14

Oh I don't like it. Its too old manny for me and not in a cute way. Very harsh. Makes ne think of Alec Gilroy.
Mind you not everyone is looking for cute names
Alexander (Alex) is gorgeous though.

fluffygreenmonsterhoody Sat 13-Jan-18 10:17:27

It’s a good Scottish name, but as someone who has a slightly unusual spelling of a very common name, expect to have it misspelled all the time and for him to have to go through life correcting everyone.

ProseccoPoppy Sat 13-Jan-18 10:19:16

I like it, think it’s quite classic but won’t date. I suggested it for DS but DH wasn’t keen,

LizzieSiddal Sat 13-Jan-18 10:21:02

I don’t like it, sorry.

I always want to add the x to make it Alex, which I do like.

hevonbu Sat 13-Jan-18 10:21:50

I would prefer "Alex" to "Alec", in all honesty.

TheVanguardSix Sat 13-Jan-18 10:22:29

My son is Alec! smile

victoire1208 Sat 13-Jan-18 10:23:21

I like it but would expect a bit of Scottish heritage.

Orangesandlemons1 Sat 13-Jan-18 10:23:58

The thing that springs to mind for me is the saying smart Alec.
Not an awful name though it is ok.
Alex is nicer.

TheVanguardSix Sat 13-Jan-18 10:24:14

It's the Scottish diminutive for Alexander, btw.
You don't meet any Alecs which I love!

gunsandbanjos Sat 13-Jan-18 10:24:22

I quite like it, my parents have a friend called Alec, I’m not sure if it’s short for Alexander or not.

TheVanguardSix Sat 13-Jan-18 10:24:56

Downside: EVERYONE calls him Alex. hmm

Crumbs1 Sat 13-Jan-18 10:25:24

The name is Alexander but Alec is a nice diminutive.

FreddieClaryHorshieLion Sat 13-Jan-18 10:25:54

Love it! smile

Much nicer than Alex imo.

SlowlyShrinking Sat 13-Jan-18 10:34:41

I like it. Makes me think of Alec Guiness

ChocolateCrunch Sat 13-Jan-18 10:53:02

Not keen, sorry

MrsTiggyWinkle3 Sat 13-Jan-18 11:08:08

Immediate thought: the rapist in Tess of the d'Urbervilles.

TheDailyMailIsADisgustingRag Sat 13-Jan-18 12:35:38

I find it a bit dated tbh. Love Alexander, which you could shorten to Alec, though Alex is nicer imo.

MikeUniformMike Sat 13-Jan-18 13:10:16

Love it. Makes me think of Alec Guinness. And Alec Gilroy but not in a bad way.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 13-Jan-18 16:13:37

Cool name, I really like it.😄

daisypond Sat 13-Jan-18 16:19:58

I like it. I think I might prefer it to Alex, too. Maybe use it as short for Alexander, though.

CharlotteC77 Sat 13-Jan-18 16:32:56

Makes me think of Team America (Arec Baldwin...). Just me?

Love Alexander though.

BabloHoney Sat 13-Jan-18 17:12:54

Love it. I know a little Alec, he’s 4. Everyone always compliments his name and it really suits him!

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