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Boys name shortlist

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DefinitelyMaybeBaby Tue 09-Jan-18 20:24:56

DS2 is due in a few weeks and we are seriously struggling on names. The short list at the moment is as follows;

There is no clear winner but these are all names we both agree we don't hate. Which doesn't really seem good enough! DS1's name came easy and we both loved it so this struggle is new! His name is uncommon (well outside top 100, around 300 if I remember correctly) but familiar to most people.

I think hearing people's faves from the list (and reasons if poss) or other suggestions based on the list would help. Thanks.

Rejoiner Tue 09-Jan-18 20:30:04

Thomas or Magnus although this may be because the sit well with our family name(s)

Oscar and Rufus are animal names to me. Maybe !Max too, it’s just one I don’t like.

Jude just makes me think of Jude Law so no thank you.

ChocolateCrunch Tue 09-Jan-18 20:34:31

You have a good list there, I like them all, but I'd probably go with either Magnus or Rufus, just because they're slightly more unusual/not heard so much.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 09-Jan-18 20:35:18

Thomas and Max.

DefinitelyMaybeBaby Tue 09-Jan-18 20:35:33

Thank you rejoiner. Weirdly one of my only reservations about DS1s name was that it might be a "dogs name" due to knowing more dogs than humans with the name in my life so maybe animal names is just our taste wink

TheDailyMailIsADisgustingRag Tue 09-Jan-18 20:35:34

I’ve had all those names on my list at various points op! My (long) list now is;

- Abraham
- Albert
- Angus
- Arthur
- Asher
- August
- Barnaby
- Bennett
- Conan
- Edmund
- Edward
- Evander
- Ezekiel
- Felix
- Fergus
- Finbar
- Fionn
- Franklin
- Gabriel
- Guy
- Grayson
- Hamish
- Hugo
- Innes
- Jack
- Jackson
- James
- Jeremiah
- Jesse
- Jonah
- Lawrence / Laurence
- Lochlan
- Malachi
- Malachy
- Marcus
- Matthew
- Micah
- Miles
- Milo
- Nathaniel
- Peter
- Quentin
- Rafferty
- Reuben
- Robin
- Roman
- Rory
- Rudy
- Rufus
- Rupert
- Sebastian
- Solomon
- Sonny
- Spencer
- Theodore
- Thomas
- Tobias
- Toby
- Wilfred
- William (Billy)

TheDailyMailIsADisgustingRag Tue 09-Jan-18 20:37:06

My favourites from your list are Rufus and Thomas.

Least favourite is Max, but I did have it on my list for a while, so I definitely don’t dislike it.

missyB1 Tue 09-Jan-18 20:38:14

Magnus is a lovely name and definitely the best on your list. A few more suggestions


DefinitelyMaybeBaby Tue 09-Jan-18 20:39:02

Thanks everyone. Great list dailymail (and great name wink) DS1s name is in there so we definitely have similar taste! I'll go through it with DH later.

user1490298596 Tue 09-Jan-18 23:19:23

Jude Oscar and Max are my favourites

Albie Zac Alfie Ethan Freddie

Atticusss Wed 10-Jan-18 09:26:34

You have a few that were on my shortlist. Others I had:

Ignatius (Iggy)

GreatDuckCookery Wed 10-Jan-18 09:47:11

Magnus and Oscar are lovely.

BlueChampagne Wed 10-Jan-18 12:59:54


MikeUniformMike Wed 10-Jan-18 13:09:07

Jude - No. I dislike it.
Thomas - Yes
Oscar - Sort of name you hear a parent in Lidl call their child.
Magnus - Yes
Max - Yes
Rufus - No will get abbreviated to Roof.

Merrz Wed 10-Jan-18 13:32:54

I agree with what someone else said, Rufus, Max and Oscar are to me dog/cat names, so i personally would rule them out. Especially Rufus i'd be worried that would get shortened to Roofy.

Jude, i like but makes me think of Jude Law!

So for me it would be between Thomas and Magnus. Both nice. Thomas might be shortened to Tom? Magnus would be the winner for me.

pipilangstrumpf Wed 10-Jan-18 14:18:11

Of the suggestions so far, my favourites are

Thomas, Oscar and Max are SO popular, there are several in my kids' classes.

TatianaLarina Wed 10-Jan-18 14:56:45

The only one I don’t like is Rufus, and Thomas is a bit dull, but the rest are good.

I’d go for Jude or Magnus on that list as I prefer names that aren’t over-popular.

TabbyCat864 Wed 10-Jan-18 16:58:40

My favourite by miles is Jude. It's lovely, classic, strong and simple.

Thomas- very boring, an 80s name.
Oscar- boring, a dog's name.
Magnus- too try hard. Reminds me of Magnum ice cream. Also 'Mag' as a nn is feminine.
Max- boring, also a bit of a dog's name.
Rufus- okay, but most definitely a dog's name.

stellarfox Wed 10-Jan-18 21:40:06

All nice names but love Rufus and Max! Don’t agree that they are dog names as a lot of dogs have human names now so there’s always going to be dog associations for every name.

EvaBlu Wed 10-Jan-18 21:42:26

Love Rufus and Magnus

DuggeeHugs Wed 10-Jan-18 22:00:35

Definitely Magnus!

Atticusss Thu 11-Jan-18 13:41:28

mikeuniformmike eh?! Rufus never gets shortened to Roof. Ru/Roo I've heard or Rufus in full as it's hardly a mouthful. Roof isn't a natural nickname from Rufus at all.

DefinitelyMaybeBaby Sat 13-Jan-18 07:33:35

Thanks. I think Magnus is winning at the moment.

GreatDuckCookery Sat 13-Jan-18 09:20:59

Magnus is amazing.

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