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Curiousmary Sun 17-Dec-17 16:44:51

What do you all think?

EllaHen Sun 17-Dec-17 16:45:56


Finola1step Sun 17-Dec-17 16:50:51

I love it. But then I am biased as it is a family surname which is very important to me. My friend used it as her ds' first name as it has cultural links for her as a first name (but spelt with one r). I used Harry as a middle name for ds and wish I had gone for Harris.

angstinabaggyjumper Sun 17-Dec-17 16:54:30

OK if no one's a cockney or you don't mind him being named after a bum e.g.
'Move your Harris' translates 'Move your arse.'

whoareyoukidding Sun 17-Dec-17 17:02:25

Rolf Harris?

pilates Sun 17-Dec-17 17:03:59

No, dislike sorry

Scottishgirl85 Sun 17-Dec-17 17:06:03

Lovely name, especially if you have Scottish connections. It is becoming very popular though.

Madbengalmum Sun 17-Dec-17 17:07:00

No, dislike sorry

Misspilly88 Sun 17-Dec-17 17:07:39

Love it. Know a 3yo Harris.

twattymctwatterson Sun 17-Dec-17 17:10:53

DD would have been Harris had she been DS. As it is she's named after another Scottish island. The Western Isles are beautiful and amongst my favourite places to be in the world

eggandchips5 Sun 17-Dec-17 17:40:05

Awful. It's a surname.

CaptainChristmas Sun 17-Dec-17 17:44:26

Like it!

NotAgainYoda Sun 17-Dec-17 17:46:07


a) It's surname
b) Where I am, it's slang for 'arse' (possibly Cockney-rhyming)

NotAgainYoda Sun 17-Dec-17 17:49:11

... also Rolf Harris...

ChocolateCrunch Sun 17-Dec-17 17:53:32

Prefer Harry

EvilEdna1 Sun 17-Dec-17 18:12:59

It means arse where I am from (London).

SparklingSnowfall Sun 17-Dec-17 18:16:36

No... people will mishear and think you said Harry then you'll be constantly correcting them!

Ontopofthesunset Sun 17-Dec-17 18:22:53

All the Haris/Harrises I have known have been Muslim (or at least from Turkish or other traditionally Muslim backgrounds). I've known it spelt both ways.

passemoilevin Sun 17-Dec-17 18:42:58

Also immediately thought bum blush

countycouncil Sun 17-Dec-17 19:13:32

I like it but I've never heard the arse reference. 'Harrison' seems to be so common these days so that would put me off

Alison100199 Sun 17-Dec-17 19:59:57

For a boy or girl? I'm afraid I think Rolf Harris or arse too.

Fekko Sun 17-Dec-17 20:02:15

I've only known it's a surname (in Scotland). I associate it with tweed, or the isle of.

Krapom Sun 17-Dec-17 20:28:26

I love it. In Scotland no one would bat an eyelid and it’s not even faintly “out there” although not common at all.

LeahG94 Sun 17-Dec-17 23:17:23

I prefer Harrison

hexagon01 Mon 18-Dec-17 12:41:59

Well I'm biased as I have one (live in northern England). It gets lots of lovely comments and we've never come across another smile not yet had any Harrison/Harry/arse confusion but it's easily corrected.

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