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What do you think of Ansel

(46 Posts)
Veinarde Sat 16-Dec-17 17:03:13

I quite like the sound of Ansel. It doesn't seem to be a popular name. Does it sound too old fashioned?

PersianCatLady Sat 16-Dec-17 17:04:26

Sounds like you can't be bothered to say Hansel properly

WowserBowser Sat 16-Dec-17 17:07:04

Reminds me a bit of Anusol

verystressedmum Sat 16-Dec-17 17:07:10

It sounds a bit strange tbh I don’t like it at all

Viviennemary Sat 16-Dec-17 17:08:44

It's a really odd name. Don't like it at all. Awful in fact. Ansel and Gretel.

Christmascheerful Sat 16-Dec-17 17:09:24

I came on here to say 'ansel an gretal

Thisisanoutrage Sat 16-Dec-17 17:11:00

...he’s so hot right now.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sat 16-Dec-17 17:11:01

I prefer Anselm.

RavenWings Sat 16-Dec-17 17:11:08

Ansel and Gretel here too!

EvaBlu Sat 16-Dec-17 17:12:44

Remind me of the famous American nature photographer. I️ quite like

Wishingandwaiting Sat 16-Dec-17 17:13:29

Can’t bear it

And far too closely aligned to anus and anal

mummyhaschangedhername Sat 16-Dec-17 17:14:20

Honesty? I briefly read the title and thought it was asking for opinions on hemorrhoid cream. But in all honestly, people will always have different opinions, go with what you think.

HerRoyalNotness Sat 16-Dec-17 17:15:11

Ansel adams was what I thought. The I like it

BewareOfDragons Sat 16-Dec-17 17:16:29

It instantly makes me think of the famous American Photographer, Ansel Adams. I've never heard of another Ansel.

Veinarde Sat 16-Dec-17 17:17:28

Haha omg I didn't expect such bad reactions! No wonder this name is not popular in the UK

Bluntness100 Sat 16-Dec-17 17:18:57

I also immediately thought “where’s Gretal”

Sorry op.

RestingGrinchFace Sat 16-Dec-17 17:19:06

Thought of ansel Adams too. Didn't make them ansel and gretel connection until it was pokinted out.

BrutusMcDogface Sat 16-Dec-17 17:19:25

Amstel 😁 And gretel!

Honestly I've never heard of it. Do you like hansel?

Crocky Sat 16-Dec-17 17:22:21

Ansel Adams. Beautiful photos.

NannyR Sat 16-Dec-17 17:30:24

Ansel Adams is what sprung to mind for me too, not haemmeroid cream!!!

AfterSchoolWorry Sat 16-Dec-17 17:31:59

Love it. Ansel Adams.

And George Michael's first serious boyfriend Anselmo.

ColonelJackONeil Sat 16-Dec-17 17:32:53

I genuinely thought this word was Arse! for a minute.

IsAnyoneElseMissingCheese Sat 16-Dec-17 17:34:33

Ansel Elgort!
I quite like it!

Veinarde Sat 16-Dec-17 17:48:23

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and opinions

Saucery Sat 16-Dec-17 17:49:55

Love it.
Pile cream and Gretel did not occur to me.

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