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Opinion a on shortlist!

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Frankie2015 Sun 10-Dec-17 19:55:06

After going back and forth for ages with DH as we have totally opposite tastes in names this is our shortlist’s for DC2. We’re not finding out the gender. What do you think? Please dont be too brutal 🙈



Frankie2015 Sun 10-Dec-17 19:55:51

Sorry not sure what happened to my title and don’t know how to change!

Ishouldcocomonkey Sun 10-Dec-17 19:56:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KhalliWali Sun 10-Dec-17 19:56:44

Nancy & Spencer.

SisterMoonshine Sun 10-Dec-17 19:58:52

I like all the girls names (would knock the i out of Halle though) but only like Rory of the boys names. I think I just know too many Freddies etc

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 10-Dec-17 19:59:04

Love Xanthe and Nancy, and Rory.

Stilllookingforwaldo Sun 10-Dec-17 20:01:07

Effie and Spencer😍

lizabes Sun 10-Dec-17 20:02:43

Love Lila for a girl. Quite like Hallie and Effie as well.
The only one I like for a boy is Rory but I’d personally prefer the Ruaridh spelling.

ChocolateCrunch Sun 10-Dec-17 20:19:01

From your list, I like Betsy and Freddie

MegAndSprog Sun 10-Dec-17 20:37:13

Xanthe (love!) and Rory.

How about Fraser?

Frankie2015 Sun 10-Dec-17 20:48:35

Thanks everyone!! Interesting responses on the boys I’m definitely not in love with any of them but really struggling to find somethings classic but not over used! I like Fraser!! Thank you! I’ll have to run that by DH

It’s so hard trying to agree! Nancy, Betsy and Xanthe are my current favourite but my DH hates Xanthe (I’m refusing to take it off the list yet!)

eastlondoner Sun 10-Dec-17 20:50:21

Lila and Stanley. I had both of these in mind myself!

mrspatel77 Sun 10-Dec-17 20:53:37

You have come on here and asked people not to be brutal!!! Lol!!!

Glumglowworm Sun 10-Dec-17 21:07:09

Nancy and Rory

ImogenHeat Sun 10-Dec-17 21:08:56

Rory is my favourite of the boys' names.

I'm not a fan of surnames for first names (which Spencer and Fletcher are to me) or shortened names for when they're adults (Freddie) and I'm just not keen on Stanley!

I think some of the girls' names are cute for a baby or young girl but probably only Nancy (at a push) for a grown woman.

Just my opinion, obviously!

flingingmelon Sun 10-Dec-17 21:11:18

Xanthe and Rory

minipie Sun 10-Dec-17 21:19:39


Lila and Xanthe are my favourites

Nancy and Hallie are ok

Betsy is too cutesy and Effie is too frumpy


Rory is the best, Freddie is nice if short for Frederick but not on its own

Spencer is ok, Fraser is ok too

Dislike Stanley and Fletcher

pinkpanther84 Sun 10-Dec-17 21:19:59

Of the list, I prefer Betsy and Freddy

NotAgainYoda Sun 10-Dec-17 21:22:04


Rory - although I don't really like it that much

What about:


DramaAlpaca Sun 10-Dec-17 21:28:03

I don't like cutesy girls' names which rules out most of them.

Lila and Xanthe are both quite nice.

I adore Rory, but really dislike the rest of the boys' list. Sorry!

SantaStuckInTheChimney Sun 10-Dec-17 21:43:33

Nancy and Lila are my favourite girls' names from your list.
Betsy is a dog's name IMO, Effie is a nickname and Hallie will have a lifetime of mispronunciation (Holly).

Spencer and Stanley are my favourite from your boys' names.
Don't like Freddie or Fletcher. Rory is very popular and is likely to be one of a few in his class at school.

Joinourclub Sun 10-Dec-17 21:52:52

I love Nancy and Betsy for a girl and Freddie and Stanley for a boy. Freddie is super popular around here though.




manicinsomniac Sun 10-Dec-17 23:32:07

Nancy - Don't like it. Seems old fashioned to me.
Betsy - ditto Nancy. They're both kind of Enid Blyton or Victorian
Hallie - quite like it. Prefer Hayley
Lila - like it. Pretty and sweet.
Xanthe - love it. I have a 3 year old Xanthe. Comes up a lot on here but think it's actually pretty unusual
Effie - love it. Very sweet and different.

Spencer - like it. I'm quite a fan of surnamey names
Freddie - not keen but it's ok
Fletcher - quite like it
Rory - quite like it
Stanley - not keen at all.

StuffAndNonsenseYes Sun 10-Dec-17 23:35:07

Love Nancy (top of the list for possible future DD) and Stanley (DS's middle name)

LadyPug Sun 10-Dec-17 23:48:04

Love Nancy,Betsy, Effie and Freddie

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